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Augustinus Bader Launches Official Singapore Ecommerce Store

Augustinus Bader Launches Singapore E-commerce Store with Shopify - D38Photo credit: Augustinus Bader Singapore Official Website

Award-winning skincare brand Augustinus Bader is now in Singapore with its official ecommerce store launched recently. Singaporeans can now purchase the brand’s bestselling face creams The Cream and The Rich Cream with free shipping within the island.

Augustinus Bader’s Revolutionary Skincare Products

Augustinus Bader is a beauty brand developed by Professor Augustinus Bader – a German biomedical scientist behind the groundbreaking skincare formulas The Cream and The Rich Cream. It specialises on premium skin health with its revolutionary patented skincare technology called Trigger Factor Complex or TFC8®. This technology awakens the skin’s natural processes of healing, reducing visible signs of ageing and skin damage. Not only it acts as a natural anti-ageing cream, it also hydrates your skin, giving you smooth, radiant and healthy skin.

What is TFC8 and how it works – Digital 38
What is TFC8® and how it works | Photo source: Augustinus Bader Singapore

Beauty ECommerce Store Powered by Shopify

Shopify powers the newly launched ecommerce store, with features perfect for premium beauty products like Augustinus Bader. Its features include a polished store theme that matches with its global branding. It also has a convenient currency converter that lets customers from across the region view prices in their local currency.

Let’s explore these two features and see how it can also help your ecommerce website become appealing and seamless.

Polished store design – Suitable for high-end skincare brands

When it comes to ecommerce, the design of your storefront matters. Choosing the right theme to shape your brand creates a significant and lasting impression among your customers. It also builds trust and credibility, providing great user experience and ultimately, increased conversion rate.

For instance, the Augustinus Bader Singapore store has a clean and navigable design that stayed true to its luxurious branding.

augustinus bader singapore the rich cream – digital 38
The Rich Cream product page | Photo source: Augustinus Bader Singapore

Convenient currency converter for visitors from across Southeast Asia

Apart from the theme, the ecommerce website also made use of a currency selector allowing visitors from outside Singapore view prices in their local currency. Doing this helps lift the chances of conversion among potential customers even outside the country.

currency converter shopify app – digital 38
Currency converter on Shopify | Photo source: Augustinus Bader Singapore

Grow Your Ecommerce Business with Shopify

With today’s growing demand for seamless e-commerce journey, it’s high time you take your beauty business online. With Shopify, you can have your own ecommerce website. It has a wide range of functional themes designed to help you sell online. The fully hosted ecommerce platform also supports many verticals like beauty & cosmetics, consumer electronics, fashion, food & beverage, and home furnishing among others.

Get started with your ecommerce store now with a Shopify Partner in Asia – Digital 38. If you are interested to sell your beauty or skincare products online, our Shopify experts can help build your online store that will generate sales across the region.

Build Your Online Store with Shopify - Digital 38 Ecommerce Agency

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