Learn how impactful content marketing strategies, such as launching your brand’s new innovation, can effectively connect with your target audience through this Ground Activation Event by Japanese brand Bioré GUARD.

Bioré GUARD aims to educate Malaysian consumers by showcases not only their new Mos Block Serum but also stressing the significance of mosquito protection for skin health and radiance.

Bioré GUARD collaborated with Digital 38 to launch a Ground Activation Event featuring Mos Block Serum.


You imagine a festival where the main attraction isn’t the food trucks or the giant inflatable slide, but a tiny bottle of serum that is against mosquitoes! And that’s exactly what went down at One World Hotel, the crowd showed up in droves, eager to see what all the buzz was about – and no, not the kind of buzz that has you swatting away mosquitoes.


Let’s talk about our star: Bioré GUARD Mos Block Serum. Picture this: a mosquito repellent that’s not only super effective but also feels like a spa treatment for your skin. Lightweight? CHECK. Non-sticky? DOUBLE CHECK. Protection that lasts? TRIPLE CHECK! Attendees were blown away by how this little bottle could turn their outdoor experiences from “itchy nightmare” to “bite-free bliss.”

Bioré GUARD collaborated with Digital 38 for an event live on Instagram and TikTok, targeting Malaysian audiences who are active online.

Event wasn’t merely a show-and-tell – it was a full-on interactive extravaganza. Experts from Bioré GUARD dropping knowledge bombs about the science behind the serum, we had sessions where anyone could ask burning questions like, “How does it work?” and “Will it make me smell like a citronella candle?” SPOILER ALERT: IT WON’T, instead, it has a delightful fragrance that even your finicky Aunt Mildred would approve of.


What’s an event without some swag, right? Bioré GUARD handed out exclusive samples of the Mos Block Serum faster than you can say “mosquito.”, these giveaways were hotter than a summer BBQ, with everyone eager to get their hands on them. Everyone were literally skipping away, ready to test out the serum and share their “aha” moments with friends and family.


Ultimately, Bioré GUARD successfully achieved its goal of increasing brand awareness of its latest innovations among its target audience in Malaysia.


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