About Digital 38 Group

Digital 38 Ecommerce in Southeast Asia

Who is Digital 38 Group?

Digital 38 Group – comprising IH Digital, D38 and Asia Travel Club – aims to simplify digital marketing, eCommerce and social media marketing solutions for forward-looking companies across the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

As the Group’s digital marketing arm, IH Digital provides consultancy service to lead companies with strategizing and executing market readiness and market penetration plans across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia.

Supporting companies with the acceleration of digital transformation, D38 offers end-to-end e-commerce solutions ranging from store set-up, management, logistics to automated email marketing.

Asia Travel Club (ATC) is the Group’s social media marketing arm – delivering influencer marketing service and expertise in market-specific platforms like WeChat, Naver and LINE for China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.

Digital 38 Group is also an official partner of Tencent, Weibo, ByteDance and Shopify.