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Digital 38 Ecommerce in Southeast Asia

Digital 38 Group

Digital 38 Group is a 360 Digital Marketing Agency with a strong presence in Southeast Asia and Greater China. Founded in 2006, we have 100+ digital specialists that could cater to your diverse digital needs. Digital 38 Group – comprising IH Digital, D38 and Asia Travel Club – aims to simplify digital marketing, eCommerce and social media marketing solutions for forward-looking companies across the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

Our core competencies are Consultancy and Research, Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing, E-commerce, Digital Media Planning and Buying. We provide a strategic and synchronised 360 degree approach, focused on creating, distributing and amplifying meaningful and consistent content to a clearly-defined audience. 

Digital38 has a diverse team that embraces integrity, passion, teamwork and customer focus. A culture that celebrates our diversity and brings together thinkers from all over Asia. An official partner of Tencent, Weibo, ByteDance and Shopify.

For more information, please visit: https://www.digital38.com/digital-38-group.