Manage Your Warehouse Efficiency with Ecommerce Logistic

Automate your warehousing operations, manage your storage and transportation effectively on multiple devices. D38 is a direct to consumer eCommerce agency and Shopify Partner.

Why D38?

Full Ecommerce Solutions

We provide full solutions such as eCommerce website development, logistics, marketing and advertising.


We are experienced in various Asia markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines.

Shopify Partner

We are a partner of top eCommerce platform and integrations Shopify, Smile, GetResponse and ReCharge.


We take pride in our fast project turnaround from development to execution with the help of our in-house marketing & tech experts.

Our Ecommerce Logistic Services

Warehouse Operation

Manage your warehousing operations on multiple devices, it allows to control your warehouse anytime.

Order Fulfillment

Shopify order management software downloads it automatically and adds the order to your process queue for pick and pack.

Inventory Management

Any change of the quantity of inventory is synced back to your online Shopify store.


Once the orders are packed and labels are printed, you will get shipment tracking information.

Case Studies


Augustinus Bader Singapore: Shopify Store for Beauty Brands

Global skincare brand Augustinus Bader (AB) Singapore launched its Shopify store in August 2020 to cater to its Southeast Asian customers. The eCommerce agency developed the beauty brand’s own online shop highlighting its luxurious skincare products with a well-designed theme.

Turn your eCommerce logistic fulfilment simple.

Let D38 handle your eCommerce logistic. Reduce your operation costs and increase your shipping volumes through Shopify platform. Contact us today to get started.

Looking for something else?

Ecommerce Service

D38 is providing eCommerce solutions like website development, CRM, email automation.

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Social Media Marketing

Get your non-English social channels covered by Asia Travel Club (ATC) - a group member.

Influencer Marketing

Searching for the right influencers? ATC also has more than 3,000 influencers from all over Asia.