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LINE: Your Key to Successful Digital Marketing in Thailand

LINE: Your Key to Successful Digital Marketing in Thailand | Digital 38

If you’re planning in introducing your brand to markets in Thailand, then you should have LINE as part of your overall marketing strategy.

LINE, although developed in Japan, emerged as one of the most popular social networking sites in Thailand where it ranks, in 2021, as the third most popular platform, according to Data Reportal.

Source: Data Reportal 2021

Not only does it currently boasts of having an active user base of 46 million but also, due to its rising popularity, developers of LINE are reinventing it to become a ‘super app’ in Thailand.

LINE rolled out LINE Shop and LINE MyShop to help businesses connect directly with potential buyers in the country.

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Benefits of Engaging LINE Marketing in Thailand

Tons of benefits await for brands wanting to launch marketing campaigns through LINE and here’s a few:

  • Send push notifications to all of your Official Account followers
  • Distribute coupons and rewards
  • Run market surveys
  • Use Official Account’s data and insights on LINE Ads Platform (LAP) to bid for advertising space on LINE Chat, Timeline and LINE TODAY
  • Set up an e-commerce store on LINE MyShop
  • Find the right channel to reach audiences via LINE Smart Channel’s Chat list tab and Story-Linked ad on LINE TV

Case Study: Swarovski

In 2020, premium jewellery brand Swarovski opened its first official LINE account.

With LINE Broadcast message function, Swarovski can directly send information about its new collections and special promotions to 100% of its followers.

Their followers were also able to privately message the brand to purchase products, make payments, and arrange for delivery. 

Furthermore, Swarovski grew their fan base on LINE organically by linking it with their Facebook handle. With this strategy, Swarovski successfully converted social media engagements into sales even during pandemic.

Connect to Audiences in Thailand with LINE

In conclusion, engaging in digital marketing through LINE, you can successfully capture consumers in Thailand.

Its powerful features can definitely help brands connect with a wide audience and ultimately convert them into your loyal customers.

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