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Reaching Thai consumer with LINE Marketing

Our LINE Marketing services include:

  • Setup LINE Official Account
  • Content management
  • Page management
  • Media campaign
  • Push notifications and broadcast message to Official Account followers
  • Setup eCommerce store on LINE MyShop

What is LINE Marketing?

LINE is an indispensable platform. In the daily life of almost all Thais with various factors such as keeping up with friends and business news, opening one-on-one conversations, receiving push notifications from LINE official accounts, shopping online, paying digitally via Rabbit LINE Pay, read the latest news of the day, horoscope, and more. The average app user usage is up to 216 minutes per day.

LINE is a social media platform and offers many features and benefits for businesses connecting to Thai audiences. LINE is the third most used app in Thailand, following Facebook (93%) and YouTube (91%).

As of Q2 2019, the growing popularity of LINE has continued its success and gaining 44 million users engage with the app. In addition, LINE is a mobile application with high user traffic, and is the top 1 highest grossing in Thailand, according to Data Reportal in 2018.

How LINE Marketing Grow Your Business Further?

The process of setting up a LINE Official Account may be complicated. But once you’ve gone through this process, the enormous advantages of having LINE OA will flow to your brand.

  • As customers or followers on many social media platforms have a declining trend of accessing organic branded content, LINE is different because of the LINE Broadcast Message function that will enable LINE Official Account to send messages to all users. It allows you to add your account as a friend to reach target audiences.
  • According to 2019 LINE survey, more than 70% of users say that their most preferred content type is the brand promotion and happy to receive promotional messages on the app.
  • LINE has several tools designed for marketing campaigns. It’s also simple and easy to use, such as digital discount coupons or marketing survey kits.
  • LINE will track the performance data and insights of each account, for you to analyze, improve, better understanding your marketing efforts.
  • Ecommerce stores can be done instantly on the LINE platform with inventory management tools and many other tools that helps businesses achieve success.

Let us help you penetrate the Thai market with LINE Marketing.

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