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Digital Marketing in Korea

South Korea is a lucrative and promising market for global businesses. Despite having a smaller population compared to Japan and China, Koreans are known to be digitally savvy and highly active on the internet, particularly on mobile.

Furthermore, South Korea has the world’s fastest internet speed, making digital marketing more seamless and efficient in the country.

As of January 2020, South Korea has over 49 million internet users, with internet penetration at 96%. Social media user count, on the other hand, stood at more than 44 million in the same period – an increase of roughly 1 million year-over-year.

Koreans are mobile, digitally savvy, and eager to discover new brands.

Moreover, Koreans have even higher mobile connections with 60.61 million or 118% of the total population. In fact, it’s the highest in the world based on many reports.

This is incredibly high and favourable if you’re looking to target a market that’s tremendously mobile and connected.

Considering the country’s massive mobile growth, it ultimately implores digital growth opportunities, especially for global businesses. With South Korea being a hyperconnected market, they are eager to discover new brands online.

Thus, if you have sufficient local knowledge and a good digital marketing strategy, you can eventually succeed in Korean digital marketing.

Search Advertising in South Korea

South Korea is huge in digital advertising as well. In 2019, the country recorded a total of US$4.79 billion in digital ad spend.

Among all digital ad spends, search ads topped the overall digital advertising market value in South Korea, with a whopping US$2.2 billion in the same year.

With this in mind, search ads is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss if you want to target the Korean market. And the best avenue to do this is through Naver Ads.

Naver Ads for Search Advertising

Naver Ads is a South Korean online platform launched in 1999 by Naver Corporation. It is the country’s first-ever web portal to have its own search engine.

Over the years, it has grown into a massive and powerful platform that features comprehensive search and blogging services.

Currently, Naver is the number one internet search portal in South Korea with over 37 million subscribers to date.  In addition, the search engine has 16 million daily unique visitors, 1 billion daily page views, and 2.85 billion daily search queries.

Due to its massive and stable presence in the market, it is actually one of the few search engines in the world that can challenge Google’s dominance in terms of search.

With Naver, you can target millions of potential customers with the right search term or keyword. You can choose from two types of ad format – Power Link and Power Content – depending on our campaign goals.

Entering the Korean Market with Naver Ads

Digital 38 is a Singapore digital marketing agency that offers Korean digital marketing services like Naver Ads. We’ve already helped regional brands reach a wide audience in South Korea to lift brand awareness or conversion rate.

Through our assistance, you can successfully delve into the Korean market with our Naver services, namely:

  • Naver Search Ads  (SEM)
    • Ad Account Setup
    • Media Buy (Power Link / Power Content Ads)
  • Naver Blog
    • Account Setup
    • Platform Management
    • Content Creation (in Korean or local language)

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