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XiaoHongShu 小红书

RED (XiaoHongShu) 小红书

As a leading digital marketing agency, we specialize in empowering brands through strategic content marketing tailored specifically for the vibrant 小红书 community. 


Crafting Compelling Stories

Captivating Design

Keyword Optimization

Collab with RED Influencers (KOLs)

Data Visualization


Content Creation and Optimization

At the core of our strategy is the art of storytelling, crafting narratives that resonate with RED’s discerning audience, ensuring your brand stands out in the vibrant landscape. Through meticulous keyword optimization aligned with RED’s search behavior, we enhance discoverability, ensuring your content reaches a broader audience. 

Influencer Marketing Excellence

We specialize in strategic identification and collaboration with influencers whose audience seamlessly aligns with your brand, fostering engagement and extending your reach. We ensure a seamless and authentic representation of your brand through RED influencers, relieving you of the intricacies involved in the process.


We monitor and analyze performance metrics, providing you with actionable insights to refine and optimize your campaigns. Our commitment to data ensures transparency and allows us to make informed decisions, maximizing the return on investment for your RED marketing endeavors. 

- XiaoHongShu 小红书 Marketing Approach -


Learn about the people on Xiaohongshu—what they like and what’s popular.


Make eye-catching and interesting content for Xiaohongshu. 


Work together with popular Xiaohongshu users (KOLs) to talk about your brand.


Keep checking how your stuff is doing and make it better over time using the information you get. 

Partner with Digital 38 and unlock the full potential of this vibrant platform. Let’s craft a captivating RED journey for your brand together. 

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