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We offer professional search engine marketing services to improve brand visibility and influence in search engines. We use advanced strategies, including Search Engine Advertising and SEO, to increase website traffic, boost sales and optimize brand ranking. Our collaborative approach ensures outstanding market performance in search engine marketing.

Reach Your Right Audiences With An Effective PR Campaign

Our PR services include:

  • Product Press Release
  • Virtual Events
  • Social Videos
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Why PR Campaign Is Important?

The success of your new product press release getting published in the news can have an impact on the success of sales. An effective press release is also a good way to manage your business image and shape public perception through informative content to pique the interest of your audiences.

Social media is a powerful communication tool for global audiences, every industry is now using it for their public relations and marketing needs. A product press release can help your content go viral and garner attention on websites and social media platforms.

Successful publicity depends on sustained effort, D38 can get your product in front of target audiences by creating a comprehensive PR plan. 

Connect To Your Market Through Virtual Events

To create something exceptional, we are adapting to this new lifestyle, hosting a successful virtual event for your company to reach a wider audience.

Planning an event to launch a new product can get people excited about the product and your business. Entertain and engage your potential customers through virtual events on Zoom, Youtube channel or Facebook page to achieve your marketing goal. Share your product knowledge and information in a live question-and-answer session. These events can range from small question-and-answer sessions to large-scale conferences with thousands of attendees. 

To ensure a successful event, D38 help you:

  • Create an online press release leading up to the event
  • Link your brand with influencers to speak and promote your event
  • Registration for data collection of your audiences
  • Make sure presentation slides, and videos smooth

The Rise of Social Videos That Matter to Your Business

Social video has grown to be the most popular to deliver messages on social media. Based on the report, 90% of people watch videos on Youtube, 56% on Facebook, and 38% on Instagram. Create a 30-60-second video to drive engagement, and focus on your story highlight that could tap into your audience’s interest. 

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