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Digital is where advertising is today, and will only be more so moving into the future. The digital marketing sector will continue to expand, and the demand for talented digital marketers will continue to increase.

At D38, we offer you abundant career opportunities for a rewarding digital marketing career. D38 has a diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from government agencies, beauty brands, and consumer electronics giants, to hospitality and retail brands. This diversity in your portfolio will enrich your career growth and work experience.

As a new hire, you will go through a rigorous in-house training program, inclusive of digital marketing skills courses, on-the-job training, and guidance and coaching from experienced mentors. This training is designed to help you be fully equipped to create winning marketing solutions for clients. Ultimately, we intend to shape rookies into first-rate marketing specialists. As a new hire, you will embark on a career track filled with challenges.

You may also look forward to internal rotations as you gain experience in D38. This will allow for wider exposure, growth, and career development.

Our Company Culture

At D38, we believe in winning as a team. Your contributions will be vital for bringing success to our clients. We value efficiency, and effectiveness, and operate with a flat structure so everyone is at the heart of the action.

Your Digital Marketing Career Path

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Account Executive

At D38, you will start off as an Account Executive. You will be learning many digital marketing skills. There are two paths in this career journey.

As a Social Media Account Executive, you will mostly be honing your creativity and copywriting skills.

As a Media Account Executive, you will be refining your analytical and execution skills. You will be studying digital trends and constructing media strategies for clients.

Account Manager

As an Account Manager, you will be flexing your multitasking muscle and leading and managing your team. Your aim will be to secure and grow accounts to achieve sustainable growth for the agency. Armed with the experience garnered from your multiple roles, you will be performing beyond expectations.

So, are you ready to make your mark on the digital marketing landscape? Join us as an Account Executive or Account Manager! Check out the latest job vacancies below.

Latest Job Vacancies

Please do not apply multiple roles. Choose one that is closest to your experience or preference. If we see that there may be another role more suitable for your experience, we will check with you on your interest.

Job Title ▾ Categories Location  
[MY] Part-Time WFH Content Producer (Malay/Chinese/English Content) Content Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Apply
[MY] Account Executive – Content Creator (English Proficiency Required) Content Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Apply