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Ecommerce Advertising - All About ROAS

Why Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) matter? ROAS is important to assess the performance of your ads campaigns towards your business performance. It will tell you which ads perform better, so you can make better decisions on marketing budgeting and how to improve them to be more efficient and effective. 

Ecommerce Advertising (ROAS benchmark: 3-5x*)


Shopee & Lazada Ads

  • Shop Ads
    Correct logo and tagline to attract new customers
  • Search Ads
    Promote the products with correct keywords to target potential customers
  • Discovery Ads
    Increase the product visibility within the platforms, appear with similar products or brands


  • Google Business Profile
    Increase the visibility of the business in Google search engine.
  • Shopping & SMART Ads
    Appear at the top of search results when you use search terms that indicate you’re shopping for a specific product.
  • Google SEM
    Keywords planning to target those who are potentially interested to your business or products.

Facebook/Instagram Ads

  • Social Ads
    Use detailed targeting to reach the audience and build up engagement.
  • Collaborative CPAS Ads
    Sync your ads manager with Shopee and Lazada, potentially drawing more customers to the platforms.
  • Video Ads
    Use interactive content to educate customers on products

Complete products information & keywords planning play important role in order to achieve KPI.
Email marketing, feed postings, attractive promotion, live selling etc. are also a must to sustain the marketing strategy.

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*Subject to brand, promotions & products