Search Marketing

Improve Online Presence with SEO & SEM

Here in Digital 38, we can help you ace your website ranking in search engine results. Our search marketing services include:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

What is Search Marketing?

Search marketing refers to strategies used to capture more audience and drive more traffic to your website by appearing on top of search engine results.

Examples include SEO and SEO. The difference between the two is that SEO is free while you need to pay for SEM.

They may sound simple but strategising one or both can get quite complicated. This is why you need SEO and SEM specialists from digital agencies like Digital 38 to help you maximise their potential efficiently.

Why You Need SEO and SEM?

Businesses must always remember that most of the time, people turn to search engine sites when going online. Even in Ecommerce, the first stage of the buying process happens on search engine bars.

Optimising your site’s SEO, investing in SEM, or both, will not only enable you to reach out to more consumers but will ultimately help you improve conversions and sales.

Choose Digital 38 as Your SEO & SEM Partner

Running a business, whether retail or online, is not an easy task.

If you need helping hands for your digital marketing needs, we got your back. With our vast experience in digital marketing, we have supported over 100 brands in Singapore and Asia for their SEO and SEM plans.

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