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Environmental Marketing Strategies for Online Business

Environmental Marketing Strategies for Online Business | D38

More and more e-commerce brands are choosing the path towards sustainability. And every July 28, they join with the rest of the planet in celebrating World Nature Conservation Day which aims to continually promote the importance of sustainable practices.  

Businesses leverage their participation in huge and significant events like this as part of their overall environmental marketing strategy.  

Environmental marketing is not only a trend among e-commerce players. It’s their way of actually doing business.  

Why Environmental Marketing is Important?  

Environmental Marketing Strategies for Online Business | D38

Calls and movements for a more sustainable future have grown wider amid the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis. Pressuring big and small-scale companies to assess how their operations impact nature comes not only from regulatory bodies but also consumers themselves.  

So, it is important for your brand to connect to eco-conscious buyers through launching the right marketing tactics that will highlight your eco-friendly qualities as your core selling point. Here are some examples.

1. Support Campaigns and Initiatives Aimed in Saving Mother Nature 

One of the most effective means for your business to be recognised as environmentally and socially conscious is by letting the public know your contributions in campaigns and initiatives on saving Mother Nature. 

You can do so by directly providing donations to the local environmental causes in your community, or telling your buyers that portions of the products they ordered will benefit a group dedicated in conserving wildlife.  

When communicated efficiently, these practices will enable you to demonstrate to customers how your brand is helping the environment. 

2. Use Eco-Friendly Materials 

For green brands, their marketing strategies should also be aligned with their corporate vision and actions. Simply put, if you are planning to make the shift to a more sustainable business, your environmental marketing should not be a gimmick only.  

Otherwise, it’s called greenwashing which could lead to unwanted, drastic effects for your business.  

A genuine way of telling consumers just how committed you are in doing your part in helping the environment is by using eco-friendly materials on the products you are selling. Placing this on the front and back of your messaging could make the difference between you and the rest of the competition. 

3. Invest on Digital Marketing 

Businesses opting for a purely digital approach in launching their marketing strategies are not only saving their own financial standing but also the environment. The logic behind this is pretty simple: online marketing is eco-friendlier than their traditional counterparts.

It is also time and cost efficient as you can reach out to a large audience almost instantly at rates cheaper than your usual offline marketing platforms.  

Around the world, including the Asia-Pacific region, the number of people integrating a digital-centered lifestyle is growing. We can help you tap this ever-expanding and valuable market with our experts from IH Digital, a member of the Digital 38 group.  

Contact our digital marketing team to know more how we can provide you the best solutions for your business.  

Go Green with D38  

Whether your e-commerce business is focused on selling and promoting eco-friendly products, or you are looking to connect with environmentally conscious customers, having environmental marketing strategies will guide you in the right direction not only towards a more sustainable future but also to your brand’s growth.  

But if you don’t know where to start, don't worry. We got your back.

Here at D38, our experience in providing e-commerce solutions include brands well-known for their sustainable practices across the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). 

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