Quick Guide Lazada Preferred Seller Programme

Quick Guide to Lazada Preferred Seller Programme | Digital 38

Business owners in Southeast Asia know that being part of the coveted Lazada Preferred Seller Programme can significantly enhance their selling abilities and reach out to more customers in the marketplace. In this quick guide, we’ll share with you some insights on how to become a Lazada Preferred Seller.  

Types of Sellers in Lazada 

With over 500 million customers, more than 300,000 stores and 5,000 brands, Lazada is a huge name in the Ecommerce ecosystem of Southeast Asia. Brands often take the opportunity to open an online shop on Lazada to widen customer reach, drive sales, and even reinforce their visibility.  

But selling on Lazada can get really tricky and challenging. As mentioned earlier, there are millions of buyers visiting the virtual marketplace in search of the next product or brand. Similarly, you are also competing with hundreds of brands and businesses of all sizes, making it nearly impossible to attract the right buyers for your store.  

Fortunately for customers, Lazada made it easier for them to spot legitimate and official stores in a virtually endless pool of online stores. The online marketplace platform categorizes its sellers into three types. These are the Local Sellers, LazGlobal and LazMall Sellers.  

Local sellers are the most common type of sellers on Lazada. Their businesses and operations are based in the country where they are registered. If they want to expand their reach, and tap buyers overseas, then they need to upgrade or sign up to become a LazGlobal Seller. LazGlobal Seller enables businesses to do cross-border Ecommerce.  

The third type of seller is the LazMall Seller, which stands out from the rest of the sellers on Lazada with its LazMall Badge and Banner.  LazMall Sellers undergo meticulous scrutiny by Lazada’s representatives before they can actually start accepting orders. LazMall has a set of specific guidelines and standards to ensure that the products sold on Lazada are authentic or that they came from Authorized Distributors or Retailers from well-known brands.  

What is Lazada Preferred Seller?  

For beginners on Lazada, signing up as a Local Seller can be a great start. But you should note that you might be facing tighter and rougher competition, and grabbing the attention of your target markets can be quite difficult. However, if you want to conquer these challenges, you can, with Lazada Preferred Seller Programme.  

Lazada Preferred Seller Programme enables your store to stand out on Lazada. They are easily identified from the rest with the banner Preferred Seller right under the product or shop on the platform’s results page.  

Lazada defines its Preferred Seller Programme as ‘a voluntary program Lazada has developed to recognize our committed marketplace sellers who have shown excellent performances.’ In other words, you need to be proactive in qualifying for it. Read on as we share with you some suggestions that can help you achieve this goal.  


To become a Lazada Preferred Seller, the platform has rolled out a list of criteria to determine sellers worthy of the status and recognition. The criteria included a seller’s willingness to do free shipping programmes , its products’ price competitiveness, service quality, product quality, and sales capability. 

Sellers that want to qualify for such a perk should ensure that their average ratings should go beyond 90%, a chat response rate of over 80%, and cancellation rate of no more than 5%. They should also post a Ship-on-Time rating of at least 85% or more.  

In terms of product quality, eligible sellers must make sure each of their products has an average of 4.5 or more, and a return rate that does not go beyond 1%.  

Sales capability is also an important factor for Lazada Preferred Sellers as these sellers should have the capacity to sell gross merchandise value (GMV) of 5 or more, receive net orders of at least 75, and have more than 15 unique buyers. They also need to maintain a non-compliance point below 2.  


Lazada’s Preferred Seller Programme, no matter how daunting it sounds, can be really beneficial for your brand or business. Acquiring the Preferred Seller badge not only gives your brand a boost in credibility. But it also enables you to improve your store’s visibility on Lazada’s platform, and even drive more sales.  

Start Your Lazada Journey with Digital 38 

Southeast Asia is one of the world’s leading markets when it comes to Ecommerce. Launching your store on Lazada and other similar online marketplace platforms can be your brand’s key to success. Learn more about the world of Ecommerce in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by clicking our links below.  

Or you can consult our team of Ecommerce specialists who can provide you with end-to-end solutions.  

Contact Digital 38 today. 

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Shure Steps Up Ecommerce Game in Singapore

Shure Steps Up Ecommerce Game in Singapore | Digital 38

If you want to know more about the Ecommerce scene in Southeast Asia, take a look at how Shure is stepping up its game in Singapore.  

Shure Sets Foot in Southeast Asia  

Global audio brand Shure has its sights set upon Southeast Asia, a leading market when it comes to Ecommerce. Shortly after the soft launching of their official online store in Singapore, Shure decided to establish its presence on multiple touchpoints in the internet, seamlessly and cohesively.  

With the help of a digital media agency, Shure was able to come up with a holistic solution to support their marketing and growth plans, both for Singapore and in the region.

To drive traffic and sales to their online stores, the brand published Ecommerce ads on Google and Meta platforms.

Shure recently ran ads through Google Shopping Ads. Doing so enabled them to broaden their reach, and easily increase their online visibility. Google Shopping Ads allows brands to display their products prominently, on the topmost portion of organic search results page.

Shure also published Collaborative Ads on Facebook, virtually transforming interactions from their official Facebook page into conversions for their official stores. Collaborative Ads leverages Meta’s dynamic ads to redirect potential buyers to your official store or partner retailers such as Shopee.  

On top of these, they also opened an online shop for consumers based in Malaysia. Shure recently launched its official Shopee Mall store targeting consumers from Malaysia. 

Shure’s official Shopee Mall store for Shopee Malaysia.

The Flourishing Ecommerce Industry in SEA  

Ecommerce is a huge thing in Southeast Asia. Despite its large and diverse audience, online shopping has proven significant in bridging brand and consumers. With rising internet usage and wider accessibility, more and more shoppers turn to Shopee and other virtual marketplaces in search of the newest brands and products.  

Take a deeper dive into the thriving Ecommerce industry in Southeast Asia by reading our previous articles. Click the links below. 

Simplify Your Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Plans  

But if you need professional help in charting your Ecommerce and Digital Marketing plans in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), then let us help you. Here at Digital 38, we can provide you with end-to-end solutions to support your brand’s growth. 

We have teams in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam ready to assist you anytime. 

Contact us today.

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Why Should I Use Shop Search Ads for My Shopee Store?

Why Should I Use Search Ads for My Shopee Store?

Knowing how you can boost sales to your online store through advertising strategies such as Shop Search Ads on Shopee may be a beneficial decision for your brand.  

Shopee and Ecommerce in SEA  

In Southeast Asia, Shopee is one of the largest names when it comes to Ecommerce and online shopping. Latest research showed that Shopee enjoys a whopping 343 million monthly visitors in the entire region. No wonder why thousands of brands, both regional and international, have set up virtual shops on Shopee’s platform. 

If you already have an online shop on Shopee, that’s a great start. Want to learn how to launch your first Shopee store? Consult our team of Ecommerce specialists.  

But that’s just the first step of the journey. If you want your brand to succeed and grow, you need people to regularly visit your online shop on Shopee. Doing so, you might need to boost your store and products’ visibility on the platform. Luckily, you have Shop Search Ads on Shopee. 

Shop Search Ads  

Shop Search Ads helps you gain more exposure and ultimately, drive more traffic and sales to your Shopee store. When launched, Shop Search Ads puts your store on the topmost portion of the platform’s search results page. They are usually triggered when the buyers use keywords that you have successfully selected and bid on. Below are some of the top benefits you can get when leveraging Shop Search Ads for your Shopee shop.  

More sales

Shopee says launching Shop Search Ads can help you bring relevant shoppers to your store or product collection page. In other words, you’re getting the right buyers who are more likely to purchase your products.  

Improve Brand Awareness

Some brands also use Shop Search Ads on Shopee to improve their presence on the platform, and other brand awareness efforts. Appearing on the top position of Shopee’s results page is something you should consider if you want to enhance your brand’s exposure to potentially millions of buyers. 


Shop Search Ads also allow you to get creative on promoting your shop. You can customise a picture and a tagline to attract customers into visiting your store, and eventually buy one of your product collections. You can also choose to direct buyers to a landing page!  

Get Started on Shopee Ads 

If you’re thinking of setting foot in Southeast Asia, venturing into Ecommerce can be a great opportunity. You can learn more about the Ecommerce industry in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by reading some of our case studies. 

You can also schedule an appointment with our Ecommerce specialists who can guide you along the right path.  

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Shopify Guide: Things to Consider When Choosing Payment Systems

Shopify Guide: Things to Consider When Choosing Payment Systems | Digital 38

Shopify offers dozens of options for Ecommerce owners on how to put up an efficient payment system. And understanding how payment channels work is crucial in ensuring your online business’ success. 

Shopify Payment Systems  

Payment systems are an important part of your Ecommerce business. Every time a buyer checks out, they are given multiple options on how to pay for their order. Luckily for owners of Shopify stores, they can seamlessly integrate payment systems. You also have a lot of options to choose from, whether it’s Shopify’s native payment system under Shopify Payment or third-party service providers like Google Pay.  

The tricky part, however, comes when selecting the right kind of payment system for your online store. Business owners must know that it takes careful planning, backed with data and insights, when deciding which payment gateway is appropriate for their shops. Read on as we elaborate every important factor when it comes to setting up your payment channel on Shopify. 

1. Geography

A primary consideration when it comes to choosing your payments provider is your business’ location or its area of coverage. Some payment systems may not work in selected countries. And there are others that enjoy unequalled popularity among their competitors in a certain area. You can check out which Shopify payment systems are eligible in the following countries by clicking this link. 

2. Know the Fees and Rules 

When you want to link your Shopify store to third-party providers, you need to look into their terms and conditions, particularly fees and policies when they provide you with the services you need. Shopify has disclosed that third-party payment system providers may charge extra fees for every transaction made in your store. On top of this, they might impose certain limitations. For example, some payment systems would take some time to reflect the amount processed on your end due to banking regulations. So, to be on the safer side, it’s always better if you check first before choosing them as your payment channels. 

3. Study Your Market 

Just like setting up your online business, you should be able to study and gain insights from your target customers to guide you in selecting the right payment channel for your store. Consumer preferences still play a huge role when it comes to payment systems. For instance, your target market would prefer paying for their orders through e-wallets, which happens to be a growing trend in key Southeast Asian markets.  

  1. Security

Inarguably the most important factor to consider when choosing payment system providers is its ability to protect sensitive data being processed when a buyer clicks the checkout button. A secure and reliable payment channel not only guarantees protection for your customers but for your business as well.  

Optimise Your Shopify Store Now  

In Ecommerce, businesses need a user-friendly, secure and reliable channel to facilitate online payments. If you want to know more about payment systems available on Shopify, you can check out our previous articles by clicking the links below. 

Alternatively, you can consult our team of Ecommerce specialists who can give you end-to-end solutions for your online business.  

Schedule an appointment with Digital 38 today.

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E-commerceGoogle Ads

Why Google Merchant Center is Important for Your Ecommerce?

Why Google Merchant Center is Important for Your Ecommerce? | Digital 38

Find out why registering on Google Merchant Center is important for your Ecommerce business.  

An Essential Guide on Paid Search Ads for Your Ecommerce | Digital 38

In Ecommerce, it is important for brands to ensure their presence is known on the internet. One way of helping you promote your brand, products and services on the web is through Google. As the world’s leading search engine, it generates at least 3.5 billion hits per day. That’s equivalent roughly to almost half of the entire world population.  

Google has been responsible for almost all brand and product discoveries online. After all, when consumers want to know more about the items they’re buying, and from what brand or manufacturer, they use the search engine bar.  

Now, for Ecommerce owners, how can they advertise their products and listings on Google? The process is quite simple and it all starts with Google Merchant Center. 

What is Google Merchant Center? 

As part of Google for Retail, Google Merchant Center is a comprehensive dashboard that enables businesses to manage their information and product listings across Google-owned Ecommerce platforms such as Google Shopping.  

With Google Merchant Center, you can do the following strategies to help your online business.  

Increase Brand Awareness Through Google Ads

If you want to launch Google Ads, then you need to sign up for Google Merchant Center. All information, photos, and product details you uploaded on your Google Merchant Center will serve as Google’s basis when generating and publishing your ads across its extensive Display Network. This included YouTube and its over 2 million partner websites.  

And opening your Google Merchant Center is a no brainer. If you want to know how to register your business on Google Merchant Center, let us help you.  

Let Your Customers Know Where You’re Located

Ideal for businesses with brick-and-mortar stores, having a Google Merchant Center, through its Google My Business profile, enables you to put relevant information such as your store branches and addresses, contact details, and opening hours. These details, in turn, will be displayed prominently on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) every time a user types in your business name or other relevant keywords.  

According to Google, 70% of online customers are more likely to visit your physical store when your location and other important information can be easily found on the internet. Moreover, 50% of them are also more likely to consider purchasing from brands with a complete Business Profile.  

Gain Visibility in Local Searches

Local searches have proven to be helpful in driving conversions on online stores. And with a Google Merchant Center, it automatically places your business within Google’s local listings in your area. Business owners and marketers should note that 4 out of 5 online customers use Google for local searches. This is why Google Merchant Center can come in handy for small and medium businesses looking to capture online customers.  

Unlock Opportunities for Your Ecommerce with Google Merchant Center  

Google remains one of the most reliable solutions when it comes to promoting brands and products online. With comprehensive tools such as Google Merchant Center, managing your Ecommerce business on the internet has been made easier.

If you want to learn more about other opportunities on Google for your online business, read our previous articles. 

You can also consult our team of Ecommerce specialists who can provide you with end-to-end solutions.  

Contact us.

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Live Selling on Shopee: Yuan Skincare’s Solution in Tapping Malaysian Markets

Live Selling on Shopee: Yuan Skincare’s Solution in Tapping Malaysian Markets | Digital 38

Did you know you can do live selling on Shopee? Let’s take a look at how Taiwanese brand, Yuan Skincare, leveraged this opportunity to tap into Malaysian markets. 

Yuan Skincare’s Shopee Live for Malaysia  

Yuan Skincare made an impressive mark when it decided to expand outside its origin country, and reach out to key markets in Southeast Asia. In a span of six months, they were able to establish a strong presence in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. And their strategy? Well, it’s combining the powers of Ecommerce, influencer marketing and live selling, which happens to be a growing trend in the region.  

Yuan Skincare partnered with Malaysian host and online personality Jessica How for a 30-minute Shopee Live session to introduce their brand and products to Malaysian consumers.  

The live stream event enabled Yuan Skincare to achieve multiple Ecommerce functions in one go such as showcasing their best-selling products and highlighting their brand value to thousands of Shopee Malaysia users tuning on the app.  

Additionally, Shopee Live also allowed the brand to interact with consumers in real-time. Doing so, they launched several customer retention strategies such as giveaways and special pricing offers exclusively for those watching the live stream.  

Overall, Yuan Skincare managed to provide an impressive and enriching online shopping experience for their new customers.  

The Shopee Live session with Jessica generated over 200 views.  

Live Selling on Shopee  

Ecommerce brands and businesses are now paying close attention to live selling. What initially started out as an event in free-to-air TV channels, live selling is now making waves in the digital world.  

With mobility restrictions in place, the internet served as a perfect opportunity for brands to keep in touch with their audiences. And what better way to mimic in-mall shopping experiences than launch a real-time livestreaming session, with influencers, key opinion leaders and even A-list celebrities at the forefront – or more specifically, store front.  

And here in Southeast Asia, a leading market in Ecommerce, big names such as Shopee are also doing live selling on their platforms, thanks to their in-app feature called Shopee Live.  

Shopee Live makes it easier for brands to do live selling. You don’t need to update your inventory manually every time a buyer checks out a product during the live event. Shopee will automatically do it for you. On top of this, Shopee lets you host challenges and mini-events for your live selling session including special sales and promos.  

If you want to know more about Shopee Live, you can read our articles below.  

Start Your Shopee Live Today  

Running an Ecommerce business can be a tough responsibility. This is why brands choose to partner with professionals like Digital 38 to support their goals.  

Here at Digital 38, our team of specialists can provide you with end-to-end Ecommerce solutions, including setting up your Shopee store and launching Shopee Live sessions.  

Schedule an appointment with us today.

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Customer Retention Apps for Your Shopify Store

Get To Know These Customer Retention Apps for Your Shopify Store | Digital 38

Loyal customers are an important aspect of your business, whether for your brick-and-mortar shop or your Ecommerce, and in this article, we will introduce to you some of the most popular and useful customer retention apps on Shopify. 

Shopify’s Perks  

But first, let’s talk about Shopify. If you already have a Shopify store, then you can skip this part otherwise you might want to stick with us for a while.  

When it comes to Ecommerce, the first crucial step is opening your online store. Creating a website to sell your products seems easy right? However, trust us when we say the process involves more than displaying the things you want to sell on the internet.  

Running an online store is almost like running an actual shop down the street. You need to attract people to buy your products to gain sales, update your inventory, design your storefront, and ensure your customers return every now and then to purchase something. Luckily, Shopify has an arsenal of tools for you to effortlessly and efficiently manage your online business. And these include customer retention apps.  

Customer Retention Apps on Shopify

1. Smile.io

In Southeast Asia, Smile.io is one of the most popular customer loyalty apps found on Shopify. It’s easy-to-navigate interface, affordable plans, and an impressive room for experimenting with customer retention strategies without paying a single dame make it a favorite among small and medium businesses.  

Smile.io enables Shopify merchants to activate and personalise loyalty programs in various ways. They range from offering perks to first-time buyers to activating email marketing campaigns. 

Here’s a deeper dive into Smile.io: Smile Loyalty Program Points

Digital 38 is also a certified partner of Smile.io. If you need help in integrating Smile.io to your Shopify store, let us help you.  

2. Lootly

Omnichannel is a growing, vital trend among Ecommerce players. Knowing how to promote your online store and products across multiple, diverse channels can be your key in pumping up traffic and sales. And this is where Lootly, another widely used customer retention app on Shopify, may come in handy.  

Lootly’s ability to integrate your social media channels into your Shopify store is something you should not ignore. Incorporating Lootly into your Shopify store not only enables you to turn engagements into conversions but also to amplify your brand presence in the digital sphere.  

On top of this, Lootly lets you come up with customisable Gift cards which can be helpful in boosting your customer loyalty programs.  

Learn more about Lootly’s potential for your online business by clicking this link.  

3. Yotpo

But if you’re still on the experimental stage for your customer loyalty program, and you don’t want to spend a single dollar on it, then Yotpo may be ideal for you. 

Formerly known as Swell, Yotpo’s free plan for businesses made it a well-liked app among financially conscious Shopify store owners. You can launch several important customer retention tactics without shelling out funds on Yotpo such as reward campaigns, referral programs, email automations and targeting.  

However, if your online business hits 100 orders per month, you need to upgrade to Yotpo’s paid plans. In turn, you can access more of the app’s features like customisable reward-page templates.  

Converting First-Time Buyers to Loyal Customers 

Whether you’re leveraging free plans such as Yotpo or handing out Gift cards through Lootly, customer retention is definitely a necessary part in running your Ecommerce business. Let’s not forget that converting first-time buyers into loyal customers is not only cost-effective but they have proven to be more effective in driving sales and ultimately, growth.  

If you want to get started on having customer loyalty programs for your online business, then we’re here to help you. 

Schedule an appointment with Digital 38’s team of Ecommerce specialists today.

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Google Shopping Ads: Search Ads Built for Ecommerce

Google Shopping Ads: Search Ads Built for Ecommerce | Digital 38

Did you know that Google Shopping Ads basically function like SEO? Learn more about this handy digital marketing tool for your Ecommerce business.  

Introduction to Google Shopping Ads 

As the world’s leading search engine, Google offers a plethora of business and marketing solutions for owners and marketers online. Aside from organic and paid search tools such as keyword generators and pay-per click (PPC) ads, Google also has its Merchant Center that enables brands to launch Shopping Ads. 

Google Shopping Ads are product ads displayed on the topmost portion of Google’s search engine results page (SERP). However, they should not be confused with Google’s Search Ads. They may function similarly but Shopping Ads have the ability to showcase images of your products whereas Search Ads are only limited to texts.  

Take a look at how brands are leveraging Google Shopping Ads for their marketing goals by reading our previous articles below.  

Why It’s Good for your Ecommerce Biz?  

Savvy brands know that search engine platforms are one of the most effective channels in driving traffic and sales to their online shop. The explanation behind this phenomenon is rather simple. When it comes to online shopping, buyers turn to search engine bars to look for products and brands. Google’s own research showed that 86% of consumers look for shopping ideas and inspirations online.  

Aside from brand and product discoveries, customers are often more motivated to buy something when they are on the internet. According to Google, 84% of internet users will take action within 24 hours after doing even the slightest brand and product searches online. This includes the time they take in reading customer reviews and comparing prices across dozens of brands and retailers.  

And last but not least, product and brand ads have proven themselves as effective strategies to encourage online shoppers to take action. Google found out that ‘visually rich and content’ often spark action among online buyers. Around 73% of internet users are more interested in a brand or product advertised through visually appealing ads.  

Altogether, these benefits can be made possible with the help of a simple yet effective Google Shopping Ads campaign.  

Launch Your Google Shopping Ads Today

Today’s generation of consumers are more skeptical towards traditional advertising methods. Availability and accessibility to information related to products and brands have paved the way for the age of ‘consumer empowerment’. As shoppers take more time in learning about brands and products before actually purchasing them, Google Shopping Ads can come in handy.  

If you want to learn more about Google Shopping Ads and other paid search solutions for your Ecommerce business, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Contact Digital 38 today, and let our team of specialists guide you in doing Ecommerce advertising the right way.

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How LazLive Helped Korea’s MISSHA Drive Traffic and Sales?

MISSHA’s LazLive Event and How to Set Up One for Your Brand | Digital 38

If you want to know more about LazLive, and how to set up one of your brand, take a cue on how MISSHA did it. 

MISSHA on LazLive  

International Korean beauty brand MISSHA is scaling up its Ecommerce presence and activities in Southeast Asia. For Lazada’s Brand Mega Offer event, MISSHA launched a LazLive session with one of the Lion City’s notable influencers, Feliza Ava Kiara Toh. 

LazLive is Lazada’s in-app live selling feature. And it has supported MISSHA not only to carry out multiple Ecommerce functions in one go. But also, to reap tons of benefits for their brand’s growth in the region.  

For roughly 30 minutes, the live selling session enabled MISSHA to showcase their brand’s best qualities and bestselling items as well as do a brief demonstration.  

With Feliza as its host, the brand was also able to interact directly with potential buyers who had the chance to purchase MISSHA products at discounted prices. LazLive enables brands to also sell their products with special pricing, and launch interactive activities such as games, and both done in real-time!  

MISSHA’s LazLive session with Feliza generated over 3,900 views. And all in all, it proved to be an effective way of providing customers with an enriching online shopping experience that can drive traffic and sales.  

Explore the World of Live Selling 

Live selling has been in existence even before the internet was born. However, when COVID-driven disruptions changed the landscape of Ecommerce, live selling was among those that enjoyed a surge in popularity. And LazLive is just one of the many opportunities you can tap to explore the world of live selling. Some of the benefits you can get from Lazada’s livestreaming feature includes: 

  • Organise promotions for products with special prices (These products, however, can only be purchased from the shopping cart featured on the live session.) 
  • Deploy customer retention tactics such as games and giveaways 
  • Engage with customers and potential buyers in real-time mode 
  • Boost brand visibility 

If you want to know more about live selling’s potential for your Ecommerce business, you can check out our previous case studies. Click the links below. 

Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment with our Ecommerce specialists who can introduce you more about LazLive and how to set up live selling the right way.  

Contact us today.

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Ecommerce: Introduction to LazMall

Introduction to LazMall for Ecommerce | Digital 38

Get to learn more about LazMall and its potential for budding Ecommerce businesses in Southeast Asia.  

What is LazMall?  

When it comes to Ecommerce in Southeast Asia, Lazada is considered one of the giants. Lazada is Alibaba’s solution in tapping the thriving Ecommerce industry in the region. Founded in 2012, Lazada exponentially grew over the years. And it currently has 560 million users, more than 3,000 brands, and 155,000 sellers across major markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, and Vietnam.  

In 2018, Lazada introduced LazMall, its very own virtual mall featuring curated and selected brands. Most of the brands under LazMall are those you can usually find in actual department stores, boutique stores and malls. It is also home to authorized distributors and other top-rated online brands.  


If you’re planning to open your Lazada store, then you should consider LazMall as one of your options. Read on as we enumerate to you just some of the benefits you can get when you launch your official LazMall store.  

  • Guaranteed Credibility from Lazada, enabling your brand to set itself apart from counterfeits on the internet.  
  • More opportunities to reach more customers with LazMall Seller exclusive features such as Flagship Store, Seller Picks and LazMall badges.  
  • Higher visibility on Lazada’s search results page 
  • More access to Lazada’s Ecommerce and marketing tools  
  • Commission for Lazada are paid only when the product has been successfully sold. 
  • Participate in special and Lazada-sponsored campaigns such as Super Brands Day, Brand Mega Offers, Mid-Year Sale, 11.11, etc.  


As a specially curated section for Lazada, sellers and brands need to have certain qualifications in order to be part of LazMall.  

If you do not have any existing Lazada shop, you must prove to representatives of Lazada that you’re a reputable brand owner, or an authorized distributor or retailer. You must also prove that the products you will be putting on LazMall’s listings are genuine. Last but not least, and probably the most important of them all, Lazada expects you to show proof that you have an existing brick-and-mortar store. 

But if you want to upgrade your Lazada shop by acquiring that coveted LazMall badge, here are some requirements that you need to comply.  

  • Your Lazada store must be at least six (6) months old 
  • Can reach at least 30 orders per month 
  • Sales rate of more than 70% 
  • Cancellation rate should not exceed 2% 
  • Message response rate must be over 85% 
  • Instances of on-time delivery should exceed 80%  

Enter the World of Lazada with Digital 38  

Tons of opportunities await brands that are planning to launch their official Lazada stores. If you want to know more about how brands are leveraging Lazada as part of their overall growth strategy, read our previous articles by clicking the links below. 

Or you can consult our team of Ecommerce specialists who can provide you with end-to-end solutions. 

Schedule an appointment with us today.

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Shopee Shop Ads: Guide to Boosting Traffic, Sales to Your Online Store

Shopee Shop Ads: Guide to Boosting Traffic, Sales to Your Online Store | Digital 38

If you want to boost traffic, clicks and sales to your Shopee store, then you should consider Shop Ads.  

Advertising on Shopee 

In the world of Ecommerce, having an online store is a necessity. Every successful Ecommerce business starts with an online shop, whether it’s an awesome website or through Ecommerce platforms like Shopee. And in Southeast Asia’s Ecommerce arena, Shopee is a force to be reckon with. 

Dubbed as one of the largest virtual marketplaces in the region, every brand that wants to establish a strong presence in Southeast Asia, as well as rack up conversions, should have, at least, their products listed on Shopee. They can do this either through opening up an official Shopee store or partnering with retailers that have existing shops.  

However, that’s just the easy part of your Ecommerce business. In order to pump up sales and eventually help your business grow, you need visitors and buyers to purchase your products off of Shopee. Fortunately, Shopee provides sellers with multiple marketing solutions to help them drive traffic and conversions such as Shop Ads.  

What are Shop Ads? 

Shop Ads are just some of the types of advertisements you can find on Shopee. These ad placements put your online shop on the topmost part of the platform’s search results page. To trigger Shop Ads, buyers on Shopee must input the keyword that will link them to your online shop. In order to achieve this, Shopee lets sellers bid for keywords they want. The price for every keyword depends on several factors, which include the volume of searches made on the platform.  

Having a Shop Ads also lets you activate a customised landing page, put your shop logo, and a tagline to entice more customers in clicking your online store.  


There’s more Shopee Shop Ads than simply attracting more people to visit your store, and hit the checkout button. Savvy brands know that Shop Ads are one of the most cost-effective solutions to help their business grow. On top of this, Shop Ads are measurable. This means that every time you launch Shop Ads campaign, you can expect insights generated by Shopee which in turn can guide you in making accurate and more informed decisions.  

Launch Your Shopee Shop Ads

Tons of opportunities wait for businesses planning to get on board Shopee. If you want to explore more about the world of Shopee, you can read our previous articles by clicking the links below.

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Liese Leverages Collab Ads to Promote CNY Sales Event

Ecommerce Ads: Liese Taps Collab Ads to Promote Promo | Digital 38

International beauty brand Liese welcomes the Year of the Tiger with awesome prizes in store, and to spread the wonderful news to every consumer in Malaysia, they leveraged Ecommerce ads in promoting the event.  

Liese partnered with global pharmacy chain Watsons for its Chinese New Year 2022 contest. Lucky customers stand a chance to bring home a brand-new iPhone 13 and more every time they order selected Liese products on Watson’s online shop.  

The event was intended to drive sales both for Watsons and Liese among Malaysian markets. And to attract potential buyers, both brands launched a series of Collaborative Ads on Meta’s Facebook, targeting women and young adults in Malaysia.  

Collaborative Ads are dynamic ads found on a Facebook user’s feed. Every time a user clicks on a Collaborative Ad, they will be redirected to the brand’s retail partner. In this case for Liese, the landing page of Watson’s Online Store.  

Overall, the event became an opportunity for both Liese and Watsons to turn engagements from Facebook into actual conversions. 

Collaborative Ads: One of the Most Effective Ecommerce Solutions 

When it comes to Ecommerce, business owners should know that launching their online shop is just the first step. To drive traffic, clicks and sales, and ultimately growth, you need to attract the right markets to visit your online store. And one of the most effective solutions in doing this is to launch Collaborative Ads. 

A feature exclusive on Meta-owned platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Collaborative Ads lets you promote your products and even your shop to millions of users accessing social networking sites on a daily basis. 

Explore Collaborative Ads with Digital 38 

Want to know more about the potential of Collaborative Ads for your online business? Click the links below to read our previous articles. 

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