How LazLive Helped Korea’s MISSHA Drive Traffic and Sales?

MISSHA’s LazLive Event and How to Set Up One for Your Brand | Digital 38

If you want to know more about LazLive, and how to set up one of your brand, take a cue on how MISSHA did it. 

MISSHA on LazLive  

International Korean beauty brand MISSHA is scaling up its Ecommerce presence and activities in Southeast Asia. For Lazada’s Brand Mega Offer event, MISSHA launched a LazLive session with one of the Lion City’s notable influencers, Feliza Ava Kiara Toh. 

LazLive is Lazada’s in-app live selling feature. And it has supported MISSHA not only to carry out multiple Ecommerce functions in one go. But also, to reap tons of benefits for their brand’s growth in the region.  

For roughly 30 minutes, the live selling session enabled MISSHA to showcase their brand’s best qualities and bestselling items as well as do a brief demonstration.  

With Feliza as its host, the brand was also able to interact directly with potential buyers who had the chance to purchase MISSHA products at discounted prices. LazLive enables brands to also sell their products with special pricing, and launch interactive activities such as games, and both done in real-time!  

MISSHA’s LazLive session with Feliza generated over 3,900 views. And all in all, it proved to be an effective way of providing customers with an enriching online shopping experience that can drive traffic and sales.  

Explore the World of Live Selling 

Live selling has been in existence even before the internet was born. However, when COVID-driven disruptions changed the landscape of Ecommerce, live selling was among those that enjoyed a surge in popularity. And LazLive is just one of the many opportunities you can tap to explore the world of live selling. Some of the benefits you can get from Lazada’s livestreaming feature includes: 

  • Organise promotions for products with special prices (These products, however, can only be purchased from the shopping cart featured on the live session.) 
  • Deploy customer retention tactics such as games and giveaways 
  • Engage with customers and potential buyers in real-time mode 
  • Boost brand visibility 

If you want to know more about live selling’s potential for your Ecommerce business, you can check out our previous case studies. Click the links below. 

Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment with our Ecommerce specialists who can introduce you more about LazLive and how to set up live selling the right way.  

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