How Live Selling Brings Value to Your Brand?

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It’s entertainment and shopping all rolled into one highly interactive video streaming session. Live selling is once again taking consumers and businesses alike by storm, and here in Southeast Asia, it’s gradually becoming a massive trend.

Live Selling, Then & Now  

The truth is, live selling already existed even before YouTube and Facebook were invented.

In the 1980s, live selling shows gained popularity after businesses capitalised on the capacity of television to reach to audiences in a massive scale. 

Until now, live selling can still be found on your LED-television screens. 

But the widespread use of the internet paved way for brands to introduce their products via video streaming platforms, ultimately enabling them to meet consumers on multiple touchpoints.  

In China, online live selling became an instant hit.  When Covid-19 struck, Chinese consumers turn to the internet to shop and re-live experiences that closely resemble in-person shopping.   

No wonder why in 2020, Alibaba’s Taobao Mall (TMall) boasted a record-breaking US$7.5 billion in sales within 30 minutes of its Taobao Live campaign for Singles’ Day, the world’s largest online shopping event.  

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How Live Selling Can Bring Value to Your Brand?  

Here in Southeast Asia, online live selling is growing. Major brands have already jumped on this opportunity. Read on as we explain to some of the biggest benefits you can gain when engaging in online live selling. 

Drives Conversion in Real Time 

Live selling sessions are characterised as interactive as it allows brands to connect with audiences real-time. And usually, brands also deploy time-limited customer retention tactics such as discounts exclusive for users tuning in to the live session to push customers to purchase products right there and then.  

In turn, these features can help you improve conversions to your online store. 

Live Selling Can Help You Understand Your Market Better

Live selling is also ideal for brands that have only started expanding its presence within a new market.

For example, Korean cosmetic brand MISSHA embarked in a 45-minute live selling session on LazLive, Lazada’s exclusive live selling platform, not only to introduce Singaporean consumers to its products. 

But online live selling also enabled MISSHA to know Singaporean buyers better as the virtual event allowed potential customers to ask questions directly to MISSHA’s host – questions that offer the Korean brand a closer look into their new market.  


Last but not the least, live selling is affordable, given the tons of benefits you can earn right after.

In Southeast Asia, big Ecommerce platforms such as Lazada and Shopee offer their live selling platforms for free to selected sellers.  

Furthermore, brands do not need to break their banks when launching a live selling event. 

A functioning smartphone, a couple of studio lights and a stable internet connection would do the trick – unless you’re planning to host a big-scale live selling session.  

Get Started on Live Selling in Southeast Asia the Right Way   

Live selling is definitely making waves in Southeast Asia but trust us when we tell you it’s easier said than done.

Especially in a highly fragmented and diverse market like Southeast Asia, plans could get complicated and may end up as a waste of your time and money. And we don’t want that.

This is why you’ve got experts from Digital 38 to support you and guide in the right path.  

We have provided Ecommerce and digital marketing solutions to over 100 brands, both local and international. 

Contact us today to learn more about live selling the right way. 

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