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Kao Magnifies Presence in Malaysia through Shopee Live

With Shopee Live, Kao Magnifies Presence in Malaysia | Digital 38

Japanese home care and cosmetic manufacturer Kao Corp. launched its first ever Shopee Live segment, ramping up its Ecommerce and digital marketing efforts in Malaysia.  

The brand debuted its Shopee Live session through Kao’s official Shopee Mall store. And as a result, it gave them the opportunity to interact, in real time, with its over 37,000 followers.  

Shopee Live, in addition, also enabled Kao Corp. to showcase and demonstrate the best qualities of its products, pump up conversions on their Shopee Mall store, reach out to new customers, and reinforce their brand presence among markets in Malaysia.  

All of these were made possible by a 40-minute live video session on Shopee Live, Shopee’s exclusive live selling platform.  

Kao Corp.’s Shopee Live event accumulated over 10,100 views. At its peak, it attracted more than 1,500 live viewers.  

Shopee Live and the Rise of Live Selling 

Shopee Live is Shopee’s solutions for sellers who want to engage in live selling to promote their products, online store, and even their overall brand.  

Live selling has been existing for decades. But thanks to widespread use of the internet, its popularity reemerged albeit in a completely different realm – the digital realm.  

Online live selling’s fame skyrocketed in China during the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns forced consumers to turn to go shopping in the internet, safely within the confines of their own homes. 

But even as the pandemic gradually downgrades to an endemic, live selling continues to be one of the most widely used means for brands to reach out to their target markets in a massive scale. 

Moreover, brands from other parts of the world, including Southeast Asia, are jumping on this opportunity.  

Want to know how other brands are leveraging live selling? Check out these case studies. 

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