Shopee Shop Ads: Guide to Boosting Traffic, Sales to Your Online Store

Shopee Shop Ads: Guide to Boosting Traffic, Sales to Your Online Store

Shopee Shop Ads: Guide to Boosting Traffic, Sales to Your Online Store | Digital 38

If you want to boost traffic, clicks and sales to your Shopee store, then you should consider Shop Ads.  

Advertising on Shopee 

In the world of Ecommerce, having an online store is a necessity. Every successful Ecommerce business starts with an online shop, whether it’s an awesome website or through Ecommerce platforms like Shopee. And in Southeast Asia’s Ecommerce arena, Shopee is a force to be reckon with. 

Dubbed as one of the largest virtual marketplaces in the region, every brand that wants to establish a strong presence in Southeast Asia, as well as rack up conversions, should have, at least, their products listed on Shopee. They can do this either through opening up an official Shopee store or partnering with retailers that have existing shops.  

However, that’s just the easy part of your Ecommerce business. In order to pump up sales and eventually help your business grow, you need visitors and buyers to purchase your products off of Shopee. Fortunately, Shopee provides sellers with multiple marketing solutions to help them drive traffic and conversions such as Shop Ads.  

What are Shop Ads? 

Shop Ads are just some of the types of advertisements you can find on Shopee. These ad placements put your online shop on the topmost part of the platform’s search results page. To trigger Shop Ads, buyers on Shopee must input the keyword that will link them to your online shop. In order to achieve this, Shopee lets sellers bid for keywords they want. The price for every keyword depends on several factors, which include the volume of searches made on the platform.  

Having a Shop Ads also lets you activate a customised landing page, put your shop logo, and a tagline to entice more customers in clicking your online store.  


There’s more Shopee Shop Ads than simply attracting more people to visit your store, and hit the checkout button. Savvy brands know that Shop Ads are one of the most cost-effective solutions to help their business grow. On top of this, Shop Ads are measurable. This means that every time you launch Shop Ads campaign, you can expect insights generated by Shopee which in turn can guide you in making accurate and more informed decisions.  

Launch Your Shopee Shop Ads

Tons of opportunities wait for businesses planning to get on board Shopee. If you want to explore more about the world of Shopee, you can read our previous articles by clicking the links below.

Or you can also schedule an appointment with our team of Ecommerce specialists who can provide you end-to-end solutions for your online business.  

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