Yuan Skincare Sets Foot in Malaysia, Goes Live on Shopee

Shopee Live: Yuan Skincare Sets Foot in Malaysia | Digital 38

Taiwanese skincare brand Yuan Skincare is expanding its digital footprint in Southeast Asia as it launched its first Shopee Live segment for Malaysia.  

Yuan Skincare partnered with Malaysian host and online personality Jessica How for the 30-minute Shopee Live session to introduce to Malaysia’s large and diverse markets their products and latest offerings.

With Shopee Live, Yuan Skincare was able to run multiple Ecommerce functions in one go. These included showcasing their best-selling products as well as highlighting their brand’s value to potential buyers tuning on the app.  

In addition, the brand took the opportunity to engage with consumers and deploy customer retention tactics such as giveaways and special pricing, thanks to Shopee Live’s real-time interactions. As a result, Yuan Skincare managed to provide an enriching customer online shopping experience. 

The live session generated over 600 views.  

Known in their origin country, Taiwan, for their all natural and hand-made skincare products, Yuan Skincare has been making waves in Southeast Asia. And all of these was made possible by incorporating cross border Ecommerce and live selling.  

Live Selling: A Must in Today’s Ecommerce  

Live selling already existed even before Youtube and other equally famous livestreaming websites were born. But the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic revived its popularity among buyers and sellers alike. 

During lockdowns, live selling is the closest thing to actual in-shopping experience. 

And multiple platforms, be it actual Ecommerce sites or social media, are offering their channels to livestream virtual shopping in response to its rising demand. 

Think of today’s live shopping as the home shopping network found on your television in the 1990s, but can viewed through your mobile phone and your laptop simultaneously. 

Read our previous articles on live selling to find out how these strategies can help your brand. 

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