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Live Selling in Southeast Asia: Take Your Ecommerce Game to Another Level | Digital 38

Live selling is a growing trend among brands in Southeast Asia. In this article, learn how they are doing it right and how to get started with one.  

Live Selling in Southeast Asia  

Online live selling’s popularity is not only found in China, where it first began. But it’s making waves in Southeast Asia, touted one of the world’s fastest-growing Ecommerce hubs.  

Multiple brands, both local and regional, are jumping on the opportunity to promote their business and products on various live selling platforms. Such is the case with Taiwanese skincare brand Yuan Skincare. 

Yuan engaged with hosts and influencers from key markets in Southeast Asia, like Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand, to spread the word about their presence in the region.  

In fact, live selling played a crucial role for the brand’s expansion in the region. Within six months, they were able to establish a strong foothold in Southeast Asia.

Shopee Live 

Southeast Asia is considered as the world’s leading Ecommerce market. With over US$120 billion in gross-merchandise value (GMV), more and more brands are starting to venture into the world of online shopping. 

And to take the whole Ecommerce game to another level, platforms such as Shopee is offering its app for sellers to launch live selling and other virtual events.  

Shopee, Southeast Asia’s largest Ecommerce platform, has Shopee Live. Through Shopee Live, brands, like Laurier by Kao, have the ability to host live-selling activities without starting from scratch. 

Shopee Live allows you to sell and offer special prices for your Shopee products to thousands of potential buyers tuning in to Shopee Live’s page every day. In addition, you can directly interact with customers, ultimately giving you the opportunity to convince them to purchase your products.  

Learn more about Shopee Live by reading our previous articles below.  

And if you want to know how to get started on Shopee Live, let us help you.  

Launch Your Ecommerce Plans with Digital 38 

And if you’re still unsure on how to chart the Ecommerce sphere in Southeast Asia, don’t worry. We’ve got your back. 

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