Here’s How to Sync Your Shopify and Shopee Stores

Here’s How to Sync Your Shopify and Shopee Stores | Digital 38

Managing your online stores efficiently is a must in Ecommerce, and synchronizing your Shopify and Shopee stores can be key.  

Shopify vs. Shopee 

Most Ecommerce owners and marketers often think Shopify and Shopee are entirely the same. While there’s some truth to this, we should always identify the differences that set them apart in order to make better and more informed decisions. 

For one, Shopify lets you build your own Ecommerce site, and even customise it according to your branding’s image and message. It provides a comprehensive suite of backend management tools for your online tools, from designing your online store’s frontend to generating performance analytics.  

Shopee, on the other hand, is Southeast Asia’s largest Ecommerce and virtual marketplace. As a B2C platform, sellers on Shopee need to submit several requirements before they can open up shop, and start their business. 

In addition, Shopify and Shopee each have different delivery policies and methods.

Sellers on Shopify have more flexibility on choosing delivery models. Whereas on Shopee, sellers should ship their orders via the platform’s delivery service. They also need to update a customer’s orders within a strict, 48-hour time limit otherwise it will be declared as a ‘false shipment’. 

Harmonizing Your Shopify and Shopee 

Shopify and Shopee may have various differences but savvy Ecommerce owners know they can capitalise on both platforms to help their business grow, by boosting traffic, clicks and sales.  

If you’re already on Shopify, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can synchronize it with your Shopee store through Shopee Channel.  

With Shopee Channel, you can manage orders, inventory and even marketing campaigns on a single platform using your Shopify account. You can also sync your listings from Shopify to your Shopee store, and track your Shopee sales!  

To get started, all you have to do is to install Shopee Channel app into your site.*  

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* According to Shopify App, you need approval from Shopee Business Development Team 
* Shopee Channel is currently available for Shopee Singapore only.