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How Shure Singapore Leverage Customer Retention Strategies Online?

How Shure Singapore Leverage Customer Retention Strategies on E-Commerce? | D38

E-commerce is a highly competitive and saturated market. As such, acquiring new customers and securing their loyalty can be quite difficult.

You don’t want your competitors to win the affection of your buyers, and this is why customer retention strategies were born.  

What Is Customer Retention and Why Is It Important? 

Customer Retention Strategies

Customer retention refers to the set of strategies businesses use to ensure a solid base of repeat buyers. With thousands of other brands competing for the same market pool, you need to have your own band of loyal followers and customers to keep a steady or better yet, a growing revenue flow.  

Additionally, customer retention tactics are cheaper and take lesser effort than capturing new ones. In a nutshell, it could make the difference for your business’ sales and expansion goals.  

In this article, we will walk you through on how Shure used customer loyalty programs for their e-commerce venture in Singapore, and how you can apply these methods for your own business with the help of D38. 

Rewards & Freebies Await Customers of Shure Singapore’s Shopify Store  

Shure, a leading international brand of high-end audio equipment, recently opened its Shopify store for buyers in Singapore, and customers in the city-state can now purchase their audio essentials directly through the internet. 

How Shure Singapore Leverage Customer Retention Strategies on E-Commerce? | D38
Screenshot of Shure Singapore’s Online Shop

When Shure opened their online store to the Singapore market, they introduced freebies and perks both for new and existing customers to drive more traffic, conversions, and sales on their e-commerce website. 

They currently offer free shipping for all products, and discounts up to $35.  

First-time buyers who register an account can avail of double reward points which they can redeem and use in their next purchase. 

Repeat customers, on the other hand, can also earn more reward points every time they successfully place an order, write reviews, share and like Shure Singapore’s Facebook page. They will also receive additional ones during their birthday. 

How Shure Singapore Leverage Customer Retention Strategies on E-Commerce? | D38
Screenshot of Shure Rewards on Shure Singapore’s Online Store

Shure has also incentivized its referral systems by granting existing customers more rewards points as soon as their friends made their first online purchase.  

Drive More Sales for Your E-Commerce Through Customer Loyalty Programs 

When you want your business’ growth to perform well, acquiring more and more new customers is not enough to drive sales to your shop.

Executing strong customer retention strategies such as loyalty and rewards program is necessary.  

As an official partner for Shopify serving the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), D38 has the right team of e-commerce experts for your business.

We can support you in attracting new customers in the Southeast Asian market and earn their trust, confidence, and loyalty. 

We provide end-to-end e-commerce solutions. From setting up your own Shopify store to deploying customer loyalty and rewards systems, we got everything covered.  

Want to find out more? Schedule an appointment with us now.  

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