Kao Laurier Goes Live on Shopee, Engages with Malaysian #Besties

Kao Laurier: Shopee Live in Malaysia | Digital 38

Learn how multinational brand Kao leveraged Shopee Live as it connects with consumers in Malaysia, and provide an enhanced shopping experience.  

Kao Laurier is on Shopee Live  

Kao Laurier: Shopee Live in Malaysia | Digital 38

Kao’s hygiene brand Laurier hosted a Shopee Live event to engage with Malaysian audiences. Laurier invited Malaysian influencer, Neeta, to share tips on how to deal with challenges during periods.  

In addition, promos and special prizes await audiences tuning in to Laurier’s Shopee Live. Buyers can also purchase products at discounted prices in the duration of the event, potentially driving more sales to Kao’s official Shopee store.

The live session generated over 1,500 views, and 2,700 views from its promotional assets published on various digital and social media channels. 

As a result, Kao was not only able to reinforce its brand presence. But also, it served as an example of omnichannel shopping done right. In this case, they leveraged their digital and social media channels to entice consumers to join their Shopee Live program.

Then to make the event even more remarkable, they capitalized on the platform’s ability to broadcast real-time to interact with potential buyers from Malaysia.  

Why Shopee Live Can Help Your Business Grow?  

Shopee Live is Shopee’s in-app live selling platform. Through Shopee Live, sellers can live stream and showcase their products to millions of buyers using Shopee on a regular basis. It also has multiple features that lets brands interact with their buyers, and ultimately increase traffic to their shop and sales.  

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Kao Laurier: Shopee Live in Malaysia | Digital 38

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