Collaborative Ads Turns Liese’s CNY Campaign into Shopping Festivity

Setup Collaborative Ads: Liese Malaysia’s CNY 2022 Campaign | Digital 38

Multinational skincare brand Liese’s Chinese New Year campaign became more festive as they decided to setup Collaborative Ads to drive traffic and sales to their official online stores on various Ecommerce platforms.  

Liese Malaysia’s CNY 2022 Campaign 

Holidays have become more meaningful for consumers nowadays. Brands are capitalising milestones and events to stir commerce activities both in their physical and virtual shops. And such is the case for Kao Corporation’s Liese.  

Liese had setup collaborative ads to promote its Chinese New Year sale event on the official website of Guardian, Singapore and Malaysia’s largest beauty and health retailer. Potential buyers on Guardian stand the chance to win several Apple products, including an iPad Mini, by purchasing several Liese products. 

Liese’s CNY event was advertised on Facebook as Collaborative Ads. And to further entice shoppers, the ads featured the key products that can earn them raffle entries for the grand prize.  

As a result, the brand not only reinforced its brand presence in Malaysia but also saw an increase in sales, both happened to be key factors in a business’ growth. 

Why Do You Need Ecommerce Ads?  

Even in Ecommerce, advertising plays a vital role to support your business’ uninterrupted growth. You need to promote your brand and products before millions of internet users to lead them to your official online store. When done right, you can expect an increase in web traffic, conversions, and more loyal customers. 

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