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Best 3 Loyalty Programs and Rewards Apps for Your Shopify Store

Loyalty Rewards and Programs

Customer loyalty programs and rewards systems are inarguably vital components for success in e-commerce.

Without them, Shopify merchants would not be able to build stronger customer retention and ultimately help them achieve their e-commerce goals. 

Top Loyalty Programs and Rewards App on Shopify  

There are literally dozens of apps on Shopify created to aid sellers in launching their own loyalty programs.  

In this article, we will introduce you to three of the best loyalty programs and rewards apps on Shopify, and how they can help you drive growth to your e-commerce business. continues to enjoy steadfast popularity among Shopify store owners who want to start their own loyalty programs and rewards systems these days.  

All thanks to their easy-to-navigate user interface, affordable plans fit for small-scale businesses, and a big space for experimenting on how customer loyalty and rewards systems work, especially for first-timers. provides a variety of ways for Shopify merchants to activate and personalise loyalty programs.

These range from offering perks to first-time buyers, leaving product reviews to signing up for your business’ newsletter.

Our team of e-Commerce experts here in D38 are certified partners of

If you are interested to learn more about how we can help you leverage this app for your Shopify store, contact us. 


Swell, one of the first and best Shopify loyalty programs, has recently rebranded itself as Yotpo.  

Yotpo’s free plan that provides reward campaigns, referral programs, email automations and targeting made it a well-liked app among Shopify store owners seeking to boost customer retention without breaking their budget.

You need to upgrade your plan once you hit 100 orders per month, which will also enable you to unlock more features including customisable reward-page templates. 


More often than not, sellers doing e-commerce have a hard time trying to find effective and efficient means in sustaining a customer loyalty strategy. And this is why some choose to integrate Marsello into their Shopify stores. 

Marsello’s best asset is no other than providing businesses with a data-driven customer loyalty and reward service, enabling you to identify which markets are more likely to come and visit your Shopify store again.  

With the capability to target markets, Marsello allows you to also launch marketing strategies to reinforce retention and expand your customer base via marketing automation emails and SMS.  

Ramp Up Your E-Commerce through Loyalty Reward Programs

Shopify’s Best Loyalty Programs for e-Commerce this 2021 

When doing e-commerce, it is not enough to simply put up your online store on Shopify.  

If you want your business to grow, you must drive sales to your shop. And establishing strategies to generate strong customer retention, particularly loyalty and rewards programs, has been tested and proven effective.  

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