Biore Malaysia Shows How Ecommerce Marketing is Done

For CNY 2022, Biore Shows How Ecommerce Marketing is Done

Biore Malaysia Shows How Ecommerce Marketing is Done | Digital 38

Multinational beauty brand Bioré greets Chinese New Year in Malaysia with a blast, thanks to Ecommerce marketing tactics.  

The brand launched a video marketing campaign featuring their newest products for 2022 Chinese New Year. Targeting Chinese-speaking audiences in Malaysia, Bioré also sought the help of pop culture authority PopDaily in spreading the word about their latest offerings.  

The video was published on Facebook and Instagram, accumulating over 140,000 views since its release. In turn, Bioré was not only able to reinforce its presence among Malaysian markets. But also, they had the opportunity to boost brand awareness efforts for their new products on a massive scale.  

Why is Ecommerce Marketing Important?   

For Ecommerce owners, having the right marketing strategies is important. When done right, they can help you reach out to more audiences and potential buyers, drive traffic to your websites, improve conversions, keep a growing loyal customer, and much more! 

Ecommerce marketing can be done offline or online, or even a mixed of both! They can come in many forms, too. An example would be deploying SEO or organic search tactics to help your website gain more visibility on the internet. Another would be putting up a smart retail booth to engage with buyers in brick-and-mortar stores.  

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