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Unione Partners with Indonesia’s Novi Susantoo as it Widens SEA Reach

Unione Udon Noodles x Novi

South Korean food manufacturing giant Unione continues its trailblazing expansion in Southeast Asia and recently, it has partnered with Indonesian influencer Novi in bringing one of its best-sellers to consumers in Indonesia.  

Unione has leveraged influencer marketing in introducing Sempio, its instant Udon noodle brand, to Indonesian consumers. They have collaborated with several top Indonesian influencers, including Novi Susantoo. 

They collaborated with Novi in producing short-form videos that feature the Indonesian influencer’s creativity and skills when it comes to cooking. In a span of 30 seconds, Novi showed how she whipped up a delicious and easy-to-cook creamy carbonara using Sempio instant Udon noodles.  

The videos were uploaded on Novi’s official Instagram Reels channel and on her official TikTok account. The videos accumulated a total of over 60,000 views from both platforms as of December 2022.  

In turn, Unione was able to substantially build brand awareness it needed for Sempio’s entry in Indonesia. It can also potentially mean more sales and revenues for them!  

About Novi 

Novi has gained popularity in Indonesia’s content creation industry with her mouth-watering cooking, particularly desserts and other comfort foods. She has over 107,000 followers on Instagram, and more than 689,000 on TikTok. Find out more about Novi by clicking this link 

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Influencers like Indonesia’s Novi Susantoo continue to play a significant role in the digital marketing industry. Also called as key opinion leaders (KOLs), influencers have helped hundreds – if not, thousands – of brands reach their marketing goals. And in some instances, even become as their competitive advantage!  

Why? The answer’s quite simple. That is because influencers not only have dedicated followers, but they also have the abilities to gain their trust quickly. Particularly among brands wanting to tap niche markets or audiences, influencers have proven themselves effective when it comes to customer retention, including brand awareness.  

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