MY Merries Introduces Merries Family Club
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MY Merries Introduces Merries Family Club: Your Gateway to Exclusive Benefits

MY Merries Introduces Merries Family Club: Your Gateway to Exclusive Benefits

Merries, a trusted name in baby care products, has exciting news for Malaysian parents! They have introduced the Merries Family Club, a loyalty program designed to provide Merries mummies and daddies with a host of exclusive benefits and rewards. Whether you are a seasoned Merries user or a newcomer to the brand, the Merries Family Club is here to make your parenting journey even more delightful.

How to Sign Up as a Merries Family Club Member

Becoming a member of the Merries Family Club is a simple and rewarding process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started:

  1. Visit the Merries Family Club Website: To begin, go to the Merries Family Club website at

  2. Sign Up: Click on the ‘Sign Up’ option and register as a member using your valid email address.

  3. Provide Your Personal Information: Fill in your personal details, which include your name, mobile number, password, date of birth, and race. While the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk (*) are essential for a quick sign-up, you have the option to provide additional information, such as your home address, your baby’s date of birth, and diaper size, for a more personalized experience.

  4. Complete the Registration: After entering your information, click on the ‘Sign Up’ button. You will receive an OTP (One-Time Password) to your registered email address. Enter this OTP to complete your registration.

  5. Welcome Rewards: As a token of appreciation for joining the Merries Family Club, you will instantly earn 50 welcome Merries Coins upon successful sign-up.

Earning Merries Coins

The heart of the Merries Family Club is the Merries Rewards Program, which lets you earn Merries Coins when you purchase Merries products in Malaysia. For every RM1 spent on Merries products, you’ll receive 1 Merries Coin. These coins are based on the total amount spent after discounts, shipping fees, and other factors like vouchers or cashback.

To accumulate Merries Coins, simply upload the proof of purchase, which can be an official receipt from a physical retailer or an online invoice or purchase record from an e-commerce platform. Remember that pictures of diaper packs without valid receipts or online invoices won’t be accepted. Receipts must be submitted within 90 days of the purchase date to be considered valid, and only those dated from 15th August 2022 onwards are eligible for Merries Coins redemption.

All Merries products distributed by “The Organizer,” including Merries Super Premium Tape and Merries Super Premium Pants, are eligible for the Merries Rewards Program.

rewards page of merries family club website

How to Redeem Merries Coins

Redeeming your hard-earned Merries Coins is a breeze with the Merries Family Club. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Visit the Merries Family Club Website: Head over to or access the Merries Family Club Web App from your mobile home screen.

  2. Log In: Sign in using your registered email address to access your account.

  3. Upload Your Proof of Purchase: Navigate to the ‘Upload’ tab and select ‘Upload Receipt.’ Here, you can upload your valid official receipts or online invoices/purchase records as proof of your Merries product purchases.

    *Please note that only official receipts or online invoices/purchase records are accepted for redemption.

  4. Verification and Awarding: After uploading, please allow 5 to 7 working days for the verification of your receipts or online invoices/purchase records. Once validated, Merries Coins will be awarded to your account.

  5. Check Submission Status: You can monitor the status of your submission by going to the ‘Upload’ tab and clicking on ‘Check Receipt Submission Status’ page.

Now that you have your Merries Coins, you can accumulate them over time and redeem your favorite items from the Rewards catalogue. This is your chance to enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards as part of the Merries Family Club. So start collecting your Merries Coins and explore the fantastic rewards waiting for you!

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