Taiwan’s Yuan Skincare Kicks Off in Malaysia with Ads on Google Shopping

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Learn more about the world of Google Retail in this article featuring Yuan Skincare.

Yuan Skincare Greets Malaysian Consumers on Google Shopping

Taiwanese brand Yuan Skincare continues to expand and reinforce its presence in Southeast Asia. The maker of all-organic beauty products recently kicked off its latest campaign targeting consumers from Malaysia. 

Yuan Skincare launched Google Shopping Ads, made possible by the search engine’s Retail platform. Every time users from Malaysia look for mugwort on the internet, the brand’s products will be prominently displayed on the topmost portion of the Results Page (SERP).  

About Yuan Skincare 

Originally from Taiwan, Yuan Skincare has established a strong presence in Southeast Asia. The multi-awarded brand is known for producing, handcrafted soaps using natural and eco-friendly ingredients grown in the scenic Yangmingshan National Park, Taiwan. 

Learn more about Yuan Skincare and their growth journey in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by clicking the links below.  

Why Google Shopping Ads?  

In case you’re wondering, Google Shopping Ads are usually the products you see right below the search bar. Usually, they appear after you have typed in a brand name, an item or any related information. 

Brands leverage Google Shopping Ads not only to drive traffic to their site but also as means to improve conversions. Whether on their website or to their online stores on popular Ecommerce platforms.  

Google Shopping Ads formed part of the Google Retail ecosystem. If you want to know more, and how it can help your brand’s growth, connect with our specialists now.  

Build and Open Your Google Retail  

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