What are Collaborative Ads & Why Do You Need It: A Guide

What are CPAS Ads & Why Do You Need It: A Guide

Get to know more about Collaborative Ads in this quick guide. And learn how they can support your growing online business. 

What are CPAS Ads?  

In 2019, Facebook (now called Meta) rolled out Collaborative Performance Advertising Solutions.

Simply called CPAS ads, the platform served as an opportunity for businesses to directly advertise their products in front of millions of Facebook users. CPAS was eventually rebranded to Collaborative Ads. 

How Do They Work?  

The term ‘collaborative’ actually describes the partnership between Meta, the brand, and the retail partner. Using Collaborative Ads allow potential buyers to see your products that are available in the market.

Case: Merries in Malaysia  

To further illustrate how they work, here’s an example from Merries in Malaysia.

The diaper brand decided to launch Collaborative Ads to promote products sold at special rates on Lazada and Shopee, its retail partners. Lazada and Shopee are two of Southeast Asia’s biggest Ecommerce names. 

Buyers clicking on Merries’ ads on Facebook will be redirected to the brand’s official Lazada or Shopee stores. 

Why Should You Have Collaborative Ads?  

Collaborative Ads are simple. And the benefits you can get from them definitely outweigh the risks. 

Collaborative Ads also enable you to tap millions of users who will likely purchase when they are on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and other Meta-owned platforms. Doing so can help you drive traffic to your online store, and potentially improve conversions.  

In addition, they can be measured, allowing you to retarget your campaigns. Not only can it help you define the right markets. But also, Collaborative Ads can save you from unnecessary costs.  

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