Everything You Need to Know on Promoting Your Products on Lazada

Lazada Ads: Everything You Need to Know on Promoting Your Products | Digital 38

Did you know that you can actually promote your product and shop through Lazada ads? In this article, we will introduce to you Lazada Sponsored Discovery, and how Ecommerce ads can be your brand’s key for growth.  

Lazada Sponsored Discovery  

Ads on Lazada are often referred to as Lazada paid search. And they are called as Lazada Sponsored Discovery. It functions similarly to other Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies in which sellers who want to advertise their products will have to select and bid related keywords. These keywords, in turn, will link them to millions of potential buyers using Lazada on a daily basis.

Products promoted via Lazada’s Sponsored solutions often appear at the top of the search results page.  

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How Can I Activate Lazada Sponsored Discovery?  

Launching your first campaign on Lazada is quite simple. All you have to do is to go Seller Centre. Then on your dashboard’s menu, click on Sponsored Discovery. You will have to read Lazada’s Terms and Conditions (T&C) before you can proceed.

Lazada currently supports prepayment arrangement to fund your Lazada ads using your Credit Wallet. This is why experts advised sellers to regularly monitor and optimise their campaign spending on Lazada not only for better results. But also, to spare you from unnecessary spending.  

If you need further help in managing your ads on Lazada, contact our Ecommerce specialists today.

Benefits of Lazada Sponsored Discovery

Aside from being open to all sellers on Lazada, the Ecommerce giant’s Sponsored Discovery can also offer your online business tons of opportunities you don’t want to miss. And here are some of them.

Increase in Brand and Shop Exposure

Driving your products to the top of Lazada’s search results page can potentially increase your brand and shop’s exposure to millions of users accessing the platform. It can also help you outrank your competitors by making sure your products land on Lazada’s most prominent spots.

Boost Sales

An increase and traffic to your Lazada shop can also mean an improvement in conversions.  

Budget Friendly

And last but not the least, Lazada Sponsored Discovery do not hurt your finances. You can launch ads on the platform by aligning them with your current budget, making it a budget friendly advertising solution.

Start Your Lazada Journey with Digital 38

Lazada is one of the biggest names when it comes to Ecommerce in Southeast Asia. A member of the Alibaba Group, thousands of regional and global brands are present on the platform not only to reach out to millions of consumers in the region. But also, to support their overall growth strategy.  

If you want to learn more about the Ecommerce landscape in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), then you’ve come to the right place. Here in Digital 38, we have a dedicated team of Ecommerce specialists, ready to assist you anytime. 

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