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Quick Guide to Lazada Preferred Seller Programme | Digital 38

Business owners in Southeast Asia know that being part of the coveted Lazada Preferred Seller Programme can significantly enhance their selling abilities and reach out to more customers in the marketplace. In this quick guide, we’ll share with you some insights on how to become a Lazada Preferred Seller.  

Types of Sellers in Lazada 

With over 500 million customers, more than 300,000 stores and 5,000 brands, Lazada is a huge name in the Ecommerce ecosystem of Southeast Asia. Brands often take the opportunity to open an online shop on Lazada to widen customer reach, drive sales, and even reinforce their visibility.  

But selling on Lazada can get really tricky and challenging. As mentioned earlier, there are millions of buyers visiting the virtual marketplace in search of the next product or brand. Similarly, you are also competing with hundreds of brands and businesses of all sizes, making it nearly impossible to attract the right buyers for your store.  

Fortunately for customers, Lazada made it easier for them to spot legitimate and official stores in a virtually endless pool of online stores. The online marketplace platform categorizes its sellers into three types. These are the Local Sellers, LazGlobal and LazMall Sellers.  

Local sellers are the most common type of sellers on Lazada. Their businesses and operations are based in the country where they are registered. If they want to expand their reach, and tap buyers overseas, then they need to upgrade or sign up to become a LazGlobal Seller. LazGlobal Seller enables businesses to do cross-border Ecommerce.  

The third type of seller is the LazMall Seller, which stands out from the rest of the sellers on Lazada with its LazMall Badge and Banner.  LazMall Sellers undergo meticulous scrutiny by Lazada’s representatives before they can actually start accepting orders. LazMall has a set of specific guidelines and standards to ensure that the products sold on Lazada are authentic or that they came from Authorized Distributors or Retailers from well-known brands.  

What is Lazada Preferred Seller?  

For beginners on Lazada, signing up as a Local Seller can be a great start. But you should note that you might be facing tighter and rougher competition, and grabbing the attention of your target markets can be quite difficult. However, if you want to conquer these challenges, you can, with Lazada Preferred Seller Programme.  

Lazada Preferred Seller Programme enables your store to stand out on Lazada. They are easily identified from the rest with the banner Preferred Seller right under the product or shop on the platform’s results page.  

Lazada defines its Preferred Seller Programme as ‘a voluntary program Lazada has developed to recognize our committed marketplace sellers who have shown excellent performances.’ In other words, you need to be proactive in qualifying for it. Read on as we share with you some suggestions that can help you achieve this goal.  


To become a Lazada Preferred Seller, the platform has rolled out a list of criteria to determine sellers worthy of the status and recognition. The criteria included a seller’s willingness to do free shipping programmes , its products’ price competitiveness, service quality, product quality, and sales capability. 

Sellers that want to qualify for such a perk should ensure that their average ratings should go beyond 90%, a chat response rate of over 80%, and cancellation rate of no more than 5%. They should also post a Ship-on-Time rating of at least 85% or more.  

In terms of product quality, eligible sellers must make sure each of their products has an average of 4.5 or more, and a return rate that does not go beyond 1%.  

Sales capability is also an important factor for Lazada Preferred Sellers as these sellers should have the capacity to sell gross merchandise value (GMV) of 5 or more, receive net orders of at least 75, and have more than 15 unique buyers. They also need to maintain a non-compliance point below 2.  


Lazada’s Preferred Seller Programme, no matter how daunting it sounds, can be really beneficial for your brand or business. Acquiring the Preferred Seller badge not only gives your brand a boost in credibility. But it also enables you to improve your store’s visibility on Lazada’s platform, and even drive more sales.  

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