Power Up Your Ecommerce Biz with this LazMall Checklist

Power Up Your Ecommerce Biz with this LazMall Checklist | Digital 38

When it comes to Ecommerce in Southeast Asia, platforms such as Lazada usually come to mind and if you want to sell through Lazada on a long-term basis, then you should be on Lazada Mall or LazMall.  

What is LazMall?  

Anyone can sell on Lazada but if you’re looking at running operations in the long run, we highly suggest you to get open up an online store on LazMall.  

LazMall is Lazada’s own marketplace dedicated for authentic products. In a nutshell, it serves as an avenue for brands, particularly international ones, to sell their products directly to consumers. 

A LazMall seller, and products sold through LazMall, are distinguishable by the red ribbon with the words LazMall written on it.  

Why Your Ecommerce Biz Should Be in LazMall? 

As we’ve mentioned before, anyone can sell on Lazada and as a result, fake products and other cheap counterfeits are rampant on online marketplaces like this. This is why buyers looking to purchase authentic ones go to LazMall. On top of this, sellers on LazMall are also granted with several benefits including exclusive promotions, increased brand awareness, and improvement in sales.  

How to Start on LazMall?  

Registering as a seller on Lazada, regardless of what type, is pretty easy with Lazada’s Seller Centre but if you haven’t opened an online store on the platform, you can immediately sign up as a LazMall Seller by clicking the options below the Seller Centre’s registration fields.  

Existing Lazada Sellers can also convert their status by going to their Settings page. But do note that Lazada imposes several criteria for stores in order to qualify as a LazMall seller. 

Processing your LazMall status will take at least three days so it’s better to prepare the following requirements before hitting that Register button to avoid going back to square one in case you will not be able to comply with all of them.  

And here, we provided a quick checklist for you. 

  • Brand Information 
  • Logo 
  • Banner Templates 
  • Trademark Certificate for Brand Owners or Authorization Letter for Authorized Resellers  
  • Has the capacity to offer and implement a 15-day return policy  
  • Other supporting documents as proof of authenticity 

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Be a LazMall Seller Now  

Ecommerce and selling products on LazMall can be a time-consuming task. In order for your business to grow, you have to pour your focus and energy into it. 

And with the right help from Digital 38’s team of experts, not only can we simplify running and managing your online business but we can also you started on LazMall.  

Digital 38, a digital media agency with headquarters in Singapore, provides end-to-end Ecommerce solutions, from product information management to digital marketing strategies, tailored fit for your brand’s goals.  

We also have local teams in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Greater China, Thailand, and Malaysia, ready to support you anytime.  

Contact us today to learn more.

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