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Case Study: Upgrading Cross Border Ecommerce with Smart Retail

Case Study: How Smart Retail for Your Ecommerce Can Upgrade Your Business | Digital 38

Learn how you can level up your online business by integrating smart retail into your cross-border Ecommerce with this case study featuring JR Café in Singapore by East Japan Railway.  

What is Smart Retail?

Rapid advancement in technology and other innovation have reshaped how we live, and even how consumers shop.  

For instance, buyers can now enter a store, grab the items they want and walk straight out of the establishment without passing through checkout lanes and handing out cash. The cost for the products they bought? Well, it was automatically deducted from their digital wallet linked to the shop.  

This is an example of a grab-and-go store like the ones being introduced by American multinational tech giant Amazon to selected areas in the United States. 

Amazon’s grab-and-go AmazonGO, however, is just the cherry on top of the sundae called smart retail.  

Smart retail refers to integrating technologies and other innovative solutions in the whole shopping experience. In other terms, it’s combining the powers of traditional and new-age shopping. 

The core objectives of smart retail include providing an enhanced shopping experience to customers. In turn, business owners can expect several benefits in return. This included strengthening customer retention, an increase in sales, and reaching out to untapped markets.  

And did you know that you can apply smart retail for your cross-border Ecommerce venture? Read on to learn how JR East demonstrated it in Singapore.  

Case: Smart Booth Featuring Omiyage Boxes by JR East

Case Study: How Smart Retail for Your Ecommerce Can Upgrade Your Business | Digital 38

JR East, one of Japan’s largest railway companies, has also recently engaged in smart retailing to boost their presence and sales in Singapore. For a limited time, they opened a smart booth in Japan Railway Café to boost their cross-border Ecommerce strategies.  

The booth allows customers to gain more knowledge about their omiyage boxes named Rail Cross, JR East’s most popular souvenir products. Potential buyers and visitors of Japan Railway Café in Singapore can interact with the booth, and even purchase them directly! 

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Customers only need to engage with the smart booth’s interactive screen, select the regional treats they want to be included in their omiyage boxes, and then hit subscribe. Their boxes of specially-curated Japanese treats will then be delivered to their doorsteps.  

Learn More About Smart Retail

In today’s age of empowered consumers and unpredictable changes in the market, smart retail solutions such as interactive booths can come in handy for your cross-border Ecommerce business. If you want to know more about how you can leverage smart retail, click our articles below. 

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