Unboxing Japan’s Sweet & Rich Culture with Singapore’s Chloe Teo

Influencer Marketing in Singapore: Unboxing Japan’s Sweet & Rich Culture with Chloe Teo | Digital 38

Japanese railway company East Japan Railway (JR East) is bringing the sweetness and richness of Japan’s history in a box, and here’s how they tapped influencers such as Chloe Teo in making sure they’re delivered to doorsteps in Singapore.  

Railway Café’s Limited-Edition Booth

For a limited time, Singaporean customers at JR East’s Railway Café can now order their famous, curated omiyage (which means treats in Japanese) boxes, under the trademark Rail Cross, directly from Japan.  

Railway Café rolled out a smart retail booth that not only enables buyers to subscribe their omiyage boxes. But also allows them to explore and learn more about Japan’s culture and history. 

The experience itself was like riding an actual train in Japan! Complete with guides and themes on the best snacks and treats in each town and region in the Land of the Rising Sun, buyers found themselves in a meaningful and immersive purchasing journey.  

And to introduce the latest addition in Railway Café to the rest of Singapore, JR East partnered with lifestyle personality Chloe Teo. Check out Chloe’s sneak peek by clicking her Instagram Reel below. 


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Upgrade Your Business with Smart Retail and Influencer Marketing

A smart retail booth, like the one JR East demonstrated for their Railway Café, is just one of the many aspects that formed smart retailing. Smart retailing refers to the use and application of technologies and other innovative solutions in order to improve a customer’s shopping experience, and ultimately giving your business a competitive advantage.  

Aside from smart retail solutions, savvy businesses such as JR East know that tapping influencers can be key in boosting brand awareness efforts, potentially driving sales. Influencers continue to play an important role in today’s marketing landscape. With their ability to turn passive audiences to loyal customers, and immediately gaining their trust, their influence and channels serve as the perfect alternatives for traditional, hard-selling strategies.  

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