Planning to Enter China’s Markets? Get an Official WeChat Account
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Planning to Enter China’s Markets? Get an Official WeChat Account

WeChat Agency in Singapore: Planning to Enter China’s Markets? Get an Official WeChat Account

If you are planning to enter markets based in China, here’s why you need WeChat and learn how to get started on it with an experienced marketing agency in Singapore. 

WeChat: A Giant in Chinese Social Media  

China is a big opportunity you surely don’t want to miss. With a tech-savvy population of 1.4 billion, Chinese markets can play an important role in your brand’s overall growth.  

Even if Mainland China has no access to popular platforms and networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, homegrown ones like WeChat have supported thousands of businesses in connecting with Chinese consumers, and ultimately expand their presence.  

Launched in 2011 by Beijing-based tech giant Tencent, WeChat initially served as an instant messaging and call app for audiences in China. Fast forward to a decade, it has expanded and introduced multiple functions. 

In fact, it has already reached a ‘super app’ status due to its diverse abilities which included supporting marketing campaigns and Ecommerce!  

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Why WeChat? 

When you want to target markets in China, trust the experts when they say you don’t have to necessarily start with a website. Especially for global and international brands, launching an official and verified WeChat account can do the track. And if you’re doing it efficiently, it may even take your brand further. Why? Read on for the explanations. 

1. WeChat is huge in China

As mentioned before, WeChat is a huge name when it comes to Chinese social media. But to give you a clearer picture of its impact and potential, here are some additional details you might want to know about. 

WeChat’s monthly active user base has already reached 1.27 billion during the last quarter of 2021.  

Aside from having a huge userbase, WeChat in China is as ubiquitous as smartphones. A survey showed that most of its users spend more than 4 hours on the platform. Even more, at least 88% of Chinese consumers access the app in a daily basis!  

2. A must-have ‘super app’

One of the factors attributed to WeChat’s surging popularity among Chinese consumers is its ‘super app’ status.  

Chinese audiences rely heavily on WeChat for nearly everything. From communicating with their loved ones, the app also enables users to play games, order food and clothes, book flights, send money, engage with other users, to name a few. From instant messaging, WeChat’s ‘super app’ status  

3. Comprehensive business solutions

When it comes to solutions for brands and businesses, WeChat offers more than your average advertising services.  

Since it has evolved as a super app, WeChat not only supports running ad campaigns and other marketing strategies on the platform. But also, Ecommerce and other digital services you need!  

For example, WeChat’s Mini Program and WePay features have allowed several brands to open up a virtual shop on the platform. In it, users do not need to exit the app when placing and paying for their orders.  

Launch Your Official WeChat Account Now  

In China’s digital marketing landscape, platforms such as WeChat is an essential aspect. If you want to learn how you can effectively tap markets from China with WeChat, then you have come to the right place.

Here at Digital 38, we are an Official Sales Partner of Tencent. Dozens of brands have launched their official and verified WeChat accounts with our over 15 years in experience as a marketing agency in Singapore.  

Schedule an appointment with our team to know more.  

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