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Weibo Marketing Strategy: Unlocking Success in the Chinese Digital Landscape

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Weibo Marketing Strategy: Unlocking Success in the Chinese Digital Landscape

Achieving success in the fiercely competitive Chinese market hinges on a strategic Weibo approach. As the premier social media platform in China, Weibo presents distinct chances to engage the desired audience and meet marketing objectives. Let’s delve into how businesses can adeptly navigate China’s digital terrain by adopting crucial marketing strategies.

Weibo Dominance in the Chinese Digital Landscape

Weibo dominates the Chinese digital landscape with its massive user base and high engagement levels. Serving as a hub for information, entertainment, and networking, this microblogging service shapes consumer opinions and drives trends. Leveraging Weibo’s dominance is crucial for businesses to reach their target audience effectively.

Key Marketing Strategy for Succes

Creating a successful Weibo marketing strategy involves a combination of thoughtful planning, engaging content, audience interaction, and data-driven optimization. Here are key strategies to help you achieve success:

1. Building a Strong Online Presence

Creating a compelling profile that reflects the brand’s identity is crucial. Optimizing the profile with relevant keywords, categories and trending hashtags increases discoverability. Incorporating visually appealing content keeps users engaged, establishing a robust Weibo presence and connecting meaningfully with the audience.

2. Crafting Engaging Content

Understanding the target audience’s preferences and interests is vital for crafting engaging content. Developing a content strategy aligned with the brand’s values and resonating with users is key. Incorporating multimedia elements like images and videos enhances engagement and captures attention.

3. Leveraging Influencer Collaborations

Identifying influential accounts that align with the brand’s target audience is important. Establishing partnerships through sponsored content, giveaways or product collaborations helps amplify brand visibility and build trust. Leveraging the reach and credibility of influencers boosts exposure and enhances brand perception.

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Optimizing Weibo Marketing Strategy for the Chinese Market

1. Adapting to Local Culture and Trends

Adapting marketing messages to Chinese cultural nuances is essential. Staying updated with trends, events and hot topics on Weibo keeps brands relevant. Incorporating culturally relevant elements into content resonates with Chinese users, establishing a strong presence in the Chinese market.

2. Engaging with the Weibo Community

Actively responding to user comments, messages and mentions fosters engagement. Encouraging user-generated content and participation through contests or challenges helps build a loyal and interactive community. Consistent and authentic interactions strengthen the relationship with the Weibo community and increasing brand loyalty.

3. Analyzing and Refining Marketing Efforts

Utilizing Weibo’s analytics tools to track key metrics and measure campaign effectiveness is essential. Analyzing user behavior, preferences and demographics helps with better targeting. Making data-driven decisions optimizes future marketing strategies and maximizes ROI.

Elevate your online presence with Digital 38

If you’re planning to expand your business in Asia and want to tap into the potential of Weibo, we can assist you in making informed decisions. Digital 38 is a leading 360 digital marketing agency in Asia, offering specialized Weibo marketing strategy tailored to the APAC market.

If you want to know more about the digital marketing scene, read our articles. Just click the links below. 

We possess the expertise to develop customized digital marketing and social media strategies that are perfectly aligned with your Weibo marketing objectives to jump-start your business.

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Xiaohongshu Marketing Strategy: Build a Brand Image and Promote Products

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Xiaohongshu Marketing Strategy: Build a Brand Image and Promote Products

Discover powerful Xiaohongshu marketing strategy to build a compelling brand image and drive successful product promotion in the digital era. This concise guide explores how to leverage Xiaohongshu, also known as “Little Red Book” for its maximum impact.

What is Xiaohongshu?

Xiaohongshu is a social e-commerce platform that combines social media and e-commerce functionalities. It has evolved from a platform for sharing overseas shopping experiences to a powerful marketing tool. With over 300 million registered users, primarily young, urban and affluent individuals, Xiaohongshu offers a valuable opportunity for brands to engage with Chinese consumers.

Xiaohongshu Marketing Strategy: Building a Strong Brand Image on Xiaohongshu

1. Define brand identity

Start by understanding your brand’s values, mission and target audience. This clarity will guide your content creation and engagement strategies on Xiaohongshu.

2. Create authentic content

Xiaohongshu users value authenticity. Develop high-quality content aligned with your brand image, including product reviews, tutorials, lifestyle tips and engaging storytelling.

3. Utilize visual appeal

Xiaohongshu is visually oriented, so ensure your content is visually appealing. Use high-resolution images, well-designed graphics and aesthetically pleasing videos to enhance your brand’s presence.


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Xiaohongshu Marketing Strategy: Promoting Products Effectively on Xiaohongshu

1. Optimize product descriptions

Make your descriptions informative, engaging and optimized for relevant keywords. Use persuasive language to highlight unique features and benefits.

2. Encourage user-generated content (UGC)

UGC builds trust and authenticity. Encourage users to share their experiences and engage with their content by responding to comments and showcasing UGC on your brand’s page.

3. Engage with the community

Actively participate in discussions, respond to user comments and provide valuable insights. Engaging with the Xiaohongshu community demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Xiaohongshu Marketing Strategy: Optimizing for SEO on Xiaohongshu

1. Keyword research

Conduct thorough keyword research to identify relevant keywords for your brand and products. Incorporate them naturally into your content, including titles, descriptions and tags.

2. Optimize your profile

Pay attention to your Xiaohongshu profile and use relevant keywords in your profile name, introduction and bio. Include links to your website or other social media platforms to improve your online presence.

3. Hashtags and trending topics

Use popular hashtags and participate in trending discussions to increase visibility and reach a broader audience.

4. Cross-promotion with other platforms

Promote your Xiaohongshu content on other social media platforms like Weibo, WeChat and TouTiao. Provide links to your Xiaohongshu profile to drive traffic and encourage users to explore your brand further.

5. Analyze and refine your strategy

Regularly analyze the performance of your Xiaohongshu content using the platform’s analytics tools. Adjust your strategy based on content preferences, product interest and engagement levels.

Need help conducting Xiaohongshu Marketing Strategy?  

If you’re planning to expand your business in Asia and want to tap into the potential of Xiaohongshu, we can assist you in making informed decisions. Digital 38 is a leading 360 digital marketing agency in Asia, offering specialized Xiaohongshu marketing strategy tailored to the APAC market.

If you want to know more about the social media marketing scene in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), read our articles. Just click the links below. 

We can also help you come up with digital marketing and social media marketing solutions tailored-fit for your business goals.   

Interested to work with us and conduct market research?  Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our team soon.

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ICONSiam Joins Forces with MsYang to Cap Off 2022

ICONSiam Weibo Campaign

Thailand’s iconic ICONSiam is ready to welcome 2023 but before that, they want to celebrate the best moments and memories for 2022 with Bangkok-based Chinese influencer Ms. Yang for a Weibo campaign.

ICONSiam collaborated with Ms. Yang in their latest year-ender campaign on Weibo, featuring Bangkok Illumination 2022 and ICON Luminaire. Ms. Yang captured photos of the event with her kids, and posted on ICONSiam’s official Weibo account.  

Why Weibo?  

Like most savvy brands, ICONSiam chose to leverage Weibo in reaching out to their Chinese audiences. Chinese-speaking markets in Thailand are growing, especially with the rise of Chinese pop culture.  

But to crank up their digital marketing efforts, the popular Thai lifestyle brand partnered with top Chinese influencer like Ms. Yang in their latest Weibo campaign. Not only to invite more people to come and visit them. But also, to build brand awareness among Chinese markets in Thailand.  

ICONSiam’s verified Weibo account currently has a growing following of 68,000. Check them out on Weibo by clicking this link.  

Launch Your Weibo Campaign 

Weibo, also known as Sina Weibo, is one of China’s top social media platforms. As of September, it has at least 584 million users globally (Statista). Contrary to popular notion, Weibo is also present in markets outside Mainland China like Thailand.

If you want to explore more about the world of Weibo, and China Digital Marketing, you can read these guides. Just click the links below. 

You can also contact our team of specialists. Digital 38 has supported dozens of brands across the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in their business goals, including their China Digital Marketing journey. We have local teams based in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and South Korea, Taiwan, and China, ready to assist you anytime. 

Contact us today. 

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Cititel Hotel’s Weibo Account Gets Blue Badge

Cititel Hotel’s Weibo Account Gets Blue Badge | Digital 38

Southeast Asian hotel chain Cititel Hotel Management has reached a new milestone in its social media marketing journey as its Weibo account finally gets verified.  

In its quest to invite more guests to come and visit Malaysia, particularly their properties in Penang Island, the four-star hotel chain brand embarked on a journey to explore China’s expansive social media scene.  

They have chosen to explore China’s social media and digital marketing landscape as part of their plans to tap into travelers from China as well as Chinese-speaking tourists from different parts of the world.  

In turn, they decided to go live on Weibo, a popular Chinese social media platform. And to level up their marketing game, they also decided to get verified. Having a verified Weibo account allows Cititel not only to promote their brand to a larger audience. But also, to boost brand awareness and reach more audiences.  

So, as a solution, the hospitality brand got on board on Weibo, a popular Chinese social media platform. And to take their marketing efforts several notches higher, they decided to acquire the blue V badge.  

A verified Weibo account allows brands to run ads. In Cititel’s case, they published ads targeting high-spending Chinese travelers and Chinese-speaking travelers using the microblogging platform frequently. Having the blue V badge also enabled Cititel Penang to implement content marketing strategies as well as engage with followers, and potential clients. 

About the Cititel Hotel Management  

Cititel Hotel Management (CHM) is a subsidiary and the hospitality chain arm of Malaysian conglomerate IGB Berhad.  

Why Your Weibo Needs Verification?  

Venturing into the world of China digital marketing can be a good start for your brand’s growth. But learning the ropes as well as leveraging every marketing feature available is essential if you want to see your business expand.  

If you want to find out more about China digital marketing and the landscape of Chinese social media, read our previous articles. Just click the links below. 

Get Started on Your Marketing Plans with Digital 38 

If you need further help on how to get started on Weibo marketing and verification, then we’re here for you. Digital 38 is a digital media agency with over 15 years in experience in digital marketing, social media marketing, and China digital marketing. We have local teams in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, China, and South Korea.  

Contact us today to know more. 

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Case Study: How WeChat, Weibo Can Help You Attract Chinese Travelers to Visit Singapore?


Travel has finally returned, and if you want to learn more about how to attract Chinese travelers from around the world, check out this case study on how leveraging WeChat and Weibo can help you convince them to visit Singapore.  

WeChat and Weibo in Singapore  

Singapore takes pride as one of the most diverse countries in the Southeast Asian (SEA) region. And it has one of the largest concentrations of Chinese-speaking people outside Greater China. The Lion City also happens to be a top destination for Chinese tourists from different parts of the world. Because of these, it’s not a surprise why famous Chinese social media platforms like WeChat and Weibo enjoy a substantial popularity in Singapore.  

WeChat in Singapore  

According to figures from Data Reportal, there are approximately 5.30 million social media users in Singapore as of January 2022. Of this number, around 30.3% spend use WeChat at least once a month. Data Reportal ranked WeChat as the 9th most used social networking platform in Singapore, next to microblog Twitter.  

Weibo is also seeing a growing number of active users in the city-state. Sina Weibo formally entered into Singapore’s social media ecosystem in 2013. A few months after their launching, they managed to capture 1.5 million users. 

How WeChat, Weibo Help You Connect with Chinese Audiences?  

WeChat and Weibo’s impressive performance in Singapore can be motivating for brands and businesses looking to tap into Chinese-speaking audiences. And here comes the most crucial part of our case study – how do they exactly help you connect with Chinese audiences?  

Their Popularity Among Chinese Audiences

WeChat and Weibo are considered powerful names when it comes to Chinese social media. Globally, WeChat has accumulated over 1 billion users while Weibo is halfway to the 1 billion-mark. As of June 2022, Sina Weibo reported having a monthly active users of around 520 million.  

Their Unique Functions

WeChat is dubbed as a ‘super app.’ Its services go beyond the usual content sharing, communication and instant calls. WeChat can facilitate payment, thanks to its own payment system called WePay. With WePay, brands have been allowed to put up their own shop, and potentially increase revenues. From airlines to hotels, they have used WeChat in rolling out more channels for consumers to reach out and avail of their products and services.  

Weibo, on the other hand, is the platform brands should watch out for when it comes to trendspotting and trend hunting. You want to know what your target markets from China are talking about? Check Weibo. If you’re planning to promote your newest product to Chinese consumers, Weibo can be your key. More so, when you’re planning to partner with a Chinese influencer, Weibo can come in really handy.  

Know more about the fascinating ways WeChat and Weibo can support your brand’s growth. Just read the articles below.  

Their Marketing Tools and Features

And last but not the least, WeChat and Weibo can support marketing functions. For example, WeChat provides businesses multiple advertising options – be it on the feed of targeted users or a banner in an official account. Weibo also have the same features. In order to access these tools, however, you need to have a verified WeChat or Weibo account. If you want to know more how to get the verified badge on WeChat and Weibo, let us know.  

Case: ST Signature Launches WeChat Account, Weibo Ads  

Singaporean boutique hotel and co-living space chain ST Signature was among the many brands in Singapore that benefitted from the opportunities abound on WeChat and Weibo. 

When the Singaporean government decided to implement a travel bubble with Hong Kong, they took the chance to open up an official and verified WeChat account. Doing so enabled ST Signature to publish ads, letting Chinese speaking audiences from Hong Kong know about their latest promos. 

But ST Signature’s journey in Chinese social media did not stop there. When all border controls have been lifted in Singapore, and the country is set to welcome all tourists once again, they pumped up the excitement and buzz with the help of Weibo influencers.  

They partnered with some of the top travel and lifestyle key opinion leaders (KOLs) on Weibo to spread the word about why Singapore would be a great fit for their #travelgoals, and why they should stay in any ST Signature properties. In turn, ST Signature and Singapore became the talk of the town in travel and lifestyle Weibo.  

Get Started on WeChat, Weibo Now  

Indeed, WeChat and Weibo have lots to offer for brands looking to expand their presence online.  

If you want to get started on social media marketing, then you’ve come to the right place. Here in Digital 38, our team of specialists based in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, and China can help you in your marketing goals. 

Contact us today.  

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ThaiLuxe Curated Enters Chinese Social Media as it Gets Weibo’s Blue Badge

Weibo Verification Thailand: ThaiLuxe Curated Enters Chinese Social Media | Digital 38

Learn how Thai luxury authority ThaiLuxe Curated navigated its way in the world of Chinese is navigating its way in the world of Chinese social media after acquiring its Weibo verification, and connecting with more audiences in Thailand.  

ThaiLuxe Curated Gets Weibo Verification 

ThaiLuxe Curated, the luxury lifestyle arm of Thai creatives agency AminBaba, wants to connect with Chinese audiences based in Thailand. And what better option to establish points of contact than social media channels like Weibo. 

With the help of digital marketing specialists, ThaiLuxe Curated was not only able to launch its official Weibo account. But also acquired the coveted Blue Badge verification.  

But why Weibo? 

To start, Weibo is one of China’s most popular social media platforms. It’s up there together with the super app ‘WeChat’ and Toutiao. In addition, Weibo is a great spot for trendspotting, ideal for brands, content creators, and producers. Especially those like ThaiLuxe Curated that aims to be the authority when it comes to luxury-related trends in Thailand.  

Additionally, having a verified badge allows brands such as ThaiLuxe Curated to do more with Weibo. Some of the perks that come with a Blue Badge on Weibo included having a larger following base, and the ability to run Weibo ads.  

Get Started with China Digital Marketing  

Explore more about Weibo and other popular Chinese social media platforms by clicking the links below to our previous articles. 

Or if you need further help, then we’re here for you. Digital 38’s experience as a digital agency, spanning over 15 years, has helped dozens of brands in their China Digital Marketing plans. We have teams based in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and China. 

Contact us now.

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Ronnie Fei: A Look into How Weibo Influencers Bridge Brands and Audiences in Southeast Asia

Ronnie Fei: A Look into How Weibo Influencers Bridge Brands and Audiences in Southeast Asia | Digital 38

Find out why brands choose to partner with Weibo influencers like Ronnie Fei in connecting and establishing relationships with audiences from Southeast Asia.  

Who is Ronnie Fei? 

As one of China’s most popular social media platforms, Weibo has become the go-to place for the latest news and trend-spotting among Chinese audiences. It also gave birth to a new generation of celebrities – the influencers and key opinion leaders like Ronnie Fei.  

If there’s one thing brands and marketers should know about influencers, it’s about their niche of followers.  

Ronnie Fei’s Interview with Charles Leclerc 

For example, Ronnie Fei is a top online personality when it comes to sports. And his popularity among Chinese audiences on Weibo made him the perfect host to introduce F1 racer Charles Leclerc to Chinese-speaking audiences in Malaysia. The live interview on Weibo generated over 3,000 views, 400 reactions, and shared more than 50 times.  

Ronnie Fei’s passion for sports, particularly racing, is evident in his network of followers which include racing enthusiasts and leading figures alike. He currently has over 600,000 followers with whom he shares the latest news and trends on racing.

In 2020 alone, his post views surpassed the 320 million-mark. He also managed to garner more than 490,000 engagements on Weibo. It’s no wonder why Ronnie Fei ranked No. 9 among Weibo’s influencers under the Sports Category.  

Explore Weibo, Influencers and the Rest of China’s Digital Landscape 

Leveraging social networking sites and influencer marketing can help your brand soar to greater heights. As long as you have professionals guiding you in the latest trends and right strategies for your business.  

Take a look at how several brands tap Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo, and influencers to support their growth in Southeast Asia. Just click the links below. 

Alternatively, you can ask for help from marketing specialists like Digital 38. Our experience in China’s digital marketing landscape has helped dozens of brands achieve their goals.  

Contact us today to let us know how to get started.

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China Digital Marketing: BricsCAD Launches Campaign on Top Chinese Social Media Apps

China Digital Marketing Campaign: BricsCAD on Toutiao and Douyin | Digital 38

Explore the landscape of China digital marketing, and how launching a campaign in top Chinese social networking sites can lead you to opportunities for your brand’s growth. 

Design and engineering software developer Bricsys is stepping up its game in China. Bricsys wanted to connect with Chinese engineers, designers and architects in order to increase their brand awareness. Doing so, they launched ad campaigns in some of the most popular Chinese social media platforms. 

Bricsys published ads featuring their core product, BricsCAD, on Douyin and TouTiao to gain more visibility among its target markets. The brand leveraged Douyin’s popularity among young adults in China to touch base with the younger demographics. At the same time, they tapped TouTiao, dubbed as China’s content king, to boost exposure.  

What are Douyin and TouTiao? 

Douyin and TouTiao are owned and developed by Beijing-based ByteDance, the same tech giant that introduced the worldwide phenomenon now called TikTok. Douyin actually happens to be TikTok’s twin. The only difference is that Douyin can only be accessed in Greater China.  

TouTiao, on the other hand, is a popular content aggregator in China. Like Douyin, it is only available in China.  

If you want to know more about other equally famous social networking sites and digital marketing platforms in China, you can read our previous articles. Just click the links below.  

Get Started on China Digital Marketing with Digital 38 

Expanding and exploring a market like China is both a challenge and opportunity. It has a tech-savvy population of 1.4 billion, of which 1.25 billion use the internet on a daily basis. It is also the largest market of social media users.  

With the help of experienced professionals like Digital 38, we can help you plan your marketing and business goals in China with the right digital marketing campaign.  

Contact us today to let us know how to get started.

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WeChat: Bridging Brand and Chinese Audiences in Singapore

WeChat: Bridging Brand and Chinese Audiences in Singapore | Digital 38

Find out why successful brands build their presence on WeChat when connecting with Chinese audiences in Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore. 

WeChat in Singapore  

Singapore prides itself not only as a global city but as a country that values diversity. So, it’s no surprise as to why Chinese nationals choose to settle down in the city-state. Chinese-speaking individuals make up 74% of Singapore’s entire population, the 2020 census from the Singaporean government showed

In terms of social media usage, giant names such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn still dominated in Singapore. But did you know WeChat is also a popular app in the city-state?  

According to Data Reportal, in 2022, around 30.4% of internet users from Singapore, age 16 to 54 years old, uses WeChat monthly. Remarkably, it is the only Chinese social media that enjoys high visibility in Singapore.  

To illustrate WeChat’s potential for brands that want to expand in Singapore, let’s take a look at several businesses and institutions that decided to open their official and verified WeChat accounts.  

ST Signature Invites Chinese Tourists to Visit the Lion City  

Singaporean boutique co-living and hotel chain ST Signature launched their official WeChat account in 2020 as part of their post-pandemic plans to invite Chinese tourists to visit the city-state. They used WeChat not only to publish and ran Chinese ads but to also connect with potential tourists from Mainland China. In particular, key Chinese cities and provinces where airlines offer direct flights to Singapore.  

With an official and verified WeChat account, ST Signature was able to increase its online presence among Chinese markets.  

EAIM Goes Live on WeChat 

Top educational institution, East Asia Institute of Management (EAIM), also decided to open its official and verified WeChat account to connect with future students from China. EAIM, with the help of digital marketing agency, ran ads on WeChat to entice Chinese-speaking students to enroll in their undergraduate and graduate programs. 

Open Your Verified WeChat with Digital 38  

WeChat is more than just your social networking site. With a monthly active user base of 1.25 billion, it has positioned itself in becoming a ‘superapp’ that gives its users, and brands, multiple services in just one app! WeChat users can shop, book flight tickets and hotel accommodations, get the latest news, and stay updated on the trendiest spots without exiting the platform.  

Curious to know more about brands leveraging WeChat? Check out our other case studies below.  

Contact Digital 38 if you want to learn how to get started on launching your official WeChat account, and get it verified.

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OneSiam Caps 2020 with Memorable Weibo Campaign

OneSiam Caps 2020 with Memorable Weibo Campaign | Digital 38

Weibo is a key tool for brands looking to connect with Chinese audiences, and see how Thailand’s OneSiam is maximising its potential with a heart-warming, year-ender campaign. 

OneSiam’s December Campaign on Weibo 

Thai mall OneSiam capped off the year 2020 with the help of a memorable campaign on Weibo. The brand leveraged the popular Chinese microblogging site to promote its events and promos for December for its Chinese-speaking followers, visitors and fans.  

Through Weibo ads, OneSiam welcomed the festive season by mixing excitement and nostalgia in one, wholesome campaign. These included greeting visitors with a special guest – Usagyuuun Rabbit. The mall also banked on Weibo in advocating a safe shopping and malling experience. 

Overall, OneSiam was not only able to reinforce its presence in China’s social media world but also to continually interact with their target markets amid lockdowns and other mobility restrictions during the pandemic.  

Why Weibo is Important for Chinese Markets in Thailand?  

Weibo, also known as Sina Weibo, is one of the most popular Chinese social media platforms. Often considered as China’s Twitter, it has over 522 million active users as of the 1st quarter of 2022. While a huge majority of Weibo’s userbase came from Mainland China, it is important to note that its presence is also expanding in markets outside its origin country like Thailand. 

In fact, research showed that the rising prominence of Chinese pop culture in countries like Thailand also led Thai internet users to turn to Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo and WeChat. This explains why savvy brands like OneSiam decided to choose Weibo as part of their marketing solutions.  

Aside from OneSiam, below is a list of several Thailand-based brands that saw the opportunity and growing potential of Chinese social networking sites.  

If you need expert help in launching and managing your ads for markets in Thailand, then you’ve come to the right place. We have local teams based in Thailand who are ready to support your business’ growth.  

Contact us today to learn more.

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Douyin vs. TikTok: A Beginner’s Guide to China Digital Marketing

Douyin vs. TikTok: A Beginner’s Guide to China Digital Marketing | Digital 38

If you want to take a dive into the landscape of China’s digital marketing, then you need to know about Douyin vs.TikTok. While both apps are owned by the same developer, learning how one differentiates the other can be helpful for your brand’s growth in China.  


Both Douyin and TikTok are developed by Beijing-based Bytedance. Their functions and purpose are similar – and that is they allow content creators, from all walks of life, to publish short form videos.  

The two also enjoy surging popularity. In China, Douyin is considered one of the biggest social media sites, in terms of active user base. The same goes with TikTok for the rest of the world. In fact, TikTok has taken the social media world by storm when in 2021, it breached the 1 billion-mark in its userbase, a remarkable feat not seen in other social networking sites launched earlier. 

More and more audiences ae using Douyin and TikTok on a regular basis. And this is why developers from Bytedance have also allowed businesses to run video ads on their platforms. You can launch video ad campaigns on Douyin or in TikTok.  


Douyin and TikTok indeed have several similarities but it is also equally important to find out their differences. In doing so, brands may be able to navigate the ecosystems in Chinese social media, and come up with more efficient and effective strategies for their expansions.  

Without further ado, here are the things that set Douyin and TikTok apart.   

1. Geographical Location

Douyin was intended specifically for users within Mainland China. That’s why its language is Chinese. The distinction between Douyin and TikTok is not only limited in terms of geography but also in its respective userbase. Douyin users cannot interact with those on TikTok, and vice-versa. Furthermore, each has a different set of policies for sign-ups. The geographical borders

2. Special Features and Functions

Since Chinese audiences are a different market altogether, Bytedance has rolled out special features and functions exclusive on Douyin only. These included Ecommerce functions such as an in-app shopping experience. Livestreams on Douyin can do live selling wherein watchers can directly order the items showcased. This is also made possible with its own payment system called DouyinPay. On top of these, Douyin also has Mini Douyin Programs which enabled brands to open an online store within the app.  

Get Started on China Digital Marketing  

With a tech-savvy population of 1.4-billion, China is an opportunity brands should not ignore. And knowing the right channels to reach out and connect with Chinese audiences have proven vital for a business’ expansion plans.  

If you want to know more about Douyin vs.TikTok, check out our previous articles by clicking the links below. 

Or you can also consult Digital 38. We have a dedicated team of China Digital Marketing specialists who can guide you in the right direction. 

Contact us today. 

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Planning to Enter China’s Markets? Get an Official WeChat Account

WeChat Agency in Singapore: Planning to Enter China’s Markets? Get an Official WeChat Account

If you are planning to enter markets based in China, here’s why you need WeChat and learn how to get started on it with an experienced marketing agency in Singapore. 

WeChat: A Giant in Chinese Social Media  

China is a big opportunity you surely don’t want to miss. With a tech-savvy population of 1.4 billion, Chinese markets can play an important role in your brand’s overall growth.  

Even if Mainland China has no access to popular platforms and networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, homegrown ones like WeChat have supported thousands of businesses in connecting with Chinese consumers, and ultimately expand their presence.  

Launched in 2011 by Beijing-based tech giant Tencent, WeChat initially served as an instant messaging and call app for audiences in China. Fast forward to a decade, it has expanded and introduced multiple functions. 

In fact, it has already reached a ‘super app’ status due to its diverse abilities which included supporting marketing campaigns and Ecommerce!  

If you want to know more about the WeChat ecosystem, read our previous articles by clicking the links below.  

Why WeChat? 

When you want to target markets in China, trust the experts when they say you don’t have to necessarily start with a website. Especially for global and international brands, launching an official and verified WeChat account can do the track. And if you’re doing it efficiently, it may even take your brand further. Why? Read on for the explanations. 

1. WeChat is huge in China

As mentioned before, WeChat is a huge name when it comes to Chinese social media. But to give you a clearer picture of its impact and potential, here are some additional details you might want to know about. 

WeChat’s monthly active user base has already reached 1.27 billion during the last quarter of 2021.  

Aside from having a huge userbase, WeChat in China is as ubiquitous as smartphones. A survey showed that most of its users spend more than 4 hours on the platform. Even more, at least 88% of Chinese consumers access the app in a daily basis!  

2. A must-have ‘super app’

One of the factors attributed to WeChat’s surging popularity among Chinese consumers is its ‘super app’ status.  

Chinese audiences rely heavily on WeChat for nearly everything. From communicating with their loved ones, the app also enables users to play games, order food and clothes, book flights, send money, engage with other users, to name a few. From instant messaging, WeChat’s ‘super app’ status  

3. Comprehensive business solutions

When it comes to solutions for brands and businesses, WeChat offers more than your average advertising services.  

Since it has evolved as a super app, WeChat not only supports running ad campaigns and other marketing strategies on the platform. But also, Ecommerce and other digital services you need!  

For example, WeChat’s Mini Program and WePay features have allowed several brands to open up a virtual shop on the platform. In it, users do not need to exit the app when placing and paying for their orders.  

Launch Your Official WeChat Account Now  

In China’s digital marketing landscape, platforms such as WeChat is an essential aspect. If you want to learn how you can effectively tap markets from China with WeChat, then you have come to the right place.

Here at Digital 38, we are an Official Sales Partner of Tencent. Dozens of brands have launched their official and verified WeChat accounts with our over 15 years in experience as a marketing agency in Singapore.  

Schedule an appointment with our team to know more.  

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