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Your Ultimate Guide to WeChat Ads

Your Ultimate Guide to WeChat Ads

Publishing ads on WeChat is a huge opportunity for brands looking to widen their reach and increase awareness. In this guide, we will introduce to you what WeChat Ads are all about and how you can effectively leverage them for your growth.

What is WeChat Advertising?

WeChat advertising is part of Tencent Ad Solutions that enable businesses to broadcast promotions and advertisements on two major segments on WeChat – Moment feed and on your official WeChat account.

In general, this advertising program intends to increase your followers on WeChat, drive website traffic, and yield app downloads.

How Does WeChat Ads Work?

To advertise on WeChat, you must first do these three steps:

  1. Verify your official account
  2. Check your eligibility first and register as an advertiser
  3. Top up your ad account

Once you’re all set up, here’s how advertisements are processed from campaign goal-setting to review.

Ineligible for WeChat Ads

However, not all brands are allowed to run WeChat ads. Particularly, companies or brands belonging to the following categories* are restricted to advertise:

  • Overseas real estate investment and leasing
  • Medical
  • Bird’s nest, sea cucumber, and similar food products
  • Tobacco
  • Casinos

* This is not an exhaustive list. All cases will depend on the WeChat review results.

Types of WeChat Ads

WeChat has two main ad types:

  • Moments Ads
  • Official Account Ads

In addition, determining the most suitable ad type for your campaign depends on your goal. If you want to know which type is best for you, schedule a quick chat with us.

Ads on WeChat Moments

WeChat Moments Ads are native ads displayed on a user’s Moments feed with an ‘AD’ label in the upper right corner. Generally, this ad type is designed to build awareness or generate impressions.

It had a great start back when it was launched in early 2015. For instance, Coca Cola and Mercedes-Benz were the pioneers among 25 brands that participated in the first-ever testing campaign.

Presently, with the development of WeChat Moments Ads, brands can easily display their promotional campaigns without breaking a sweat.

Furthermore, WeChat Moments ads are equivalent to Facebook ads as it appears on the user’s timeline (or Moments on WeChat).

Moments Ads have two formats:

  • Regular Ads
  • Basic Card Ads

This ad type uses cost-per-impression (CPM) bidding and also runs on two creatives type – image (banner) or video.

Advertising on WeChat Official Accounts

On the other hand, ads intended for official accounts on WeChat appear as articles on the account itself. This method displays a banner photo with a call-to-action button and brand information.

Its goal is to generate clicks and leads with its strategic placements.

Ads for WeChat Official Account (OA) have two major formats:

  • In-article ads
  • Bottom ads

This advertising method uses cost-per-click (CPC) bidding and also comes in two formats – image (banner) or video.

To further demonstrate how WeChat ads work, here are some case studies you can refer to. Click the links below.

Get Started on WeChat Ads with Digital 38

WeChat ads is a thriving trend due to its massive reach. With an active user base reaching up to 1.25 billion, it indeed serves as a great opportunity for advertisers to promote a page, website, or app within WeChat.

And as a WeChat Official Sales Partner, Digital 38 can support you in your WeChat marketing solutions for your brand.

This includes WeChat Official Account setup and verification, Moments and Official Account advertising, mini program development, and WeChat Pay integration.

Contact us today, and schedule a quick chat with our team soon.

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Thailand’s Panda Star Now on WeChat as it Expands Online Presence

WeChat Verification: Panda Star’s Makes 1st Step in Expanding Online Presence | Digital 38

Thailand-based flour and rice exporter Panda Star is stepping up its marketing game as it launches its own WeChat account, and after acquiring the verification badge, it’s on track on widening its online presence. 

WeChat Verification: Panda Star’s Makes 1st Step in Expanding Online Presence | Digital 38

With an official and verified WeChat account, Panda Star now has the ability to engage directly with markets based in China as well as Chinese users in Thailand and abroad, announce updates and promotions, and publish ads, ultimately enabling them to increase brand awareness.  

Burapa Prosper, one of the leading flour manufacturers in Thailand for over 40 years, is the owner of the Panda Star brand. They produce and distribute rice flour, glutinous rice flour, tapioca pearl and mixed flour in China under the Panda Star brand. 

WeChat Verification: The 1st Step in WeChat Advertising 

With its 1.25 billion active users worldwide, WeChat is definitely an opportunity not to be missed, especially for brands planning to target Chinese audiences not only in mainland China but also around the world. WeChat is also dubbed as the super app in China as it combines instant messaging, social media, Ecommerce and digital payment into one, handy platform.  

But to advertise and launch effective marketing campaigns on WeChat, the first step for brands is verification. Acquiring a verified badge for your WeChat official account provides more credibility for your brand, and it is also your key to more advanced marketing tools on the app such as WeChat Advertising, WeChat Pay, and more advanced APIs. 

Embark in WeChat Marketing with Digital 38 

And if you’re unsure how to begin in WeChat verification and advertising, don’t worry. We’re here to help you.  

Digital 38 is a 360° Digital Marketing Agency with a strong presence in Southeast Asia and Greater China. With experience in digital marketing since 2006, we have 100+ digital specialists that cater to our clients’ diverse digital needs. We aim to simplify digital marketing, eCommerce and social media marketing solutions for forward-looking companies across the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).    

Our services including end-to-end Ecommerce solutions, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, and regional digital marketing on platforms. Click the links below to know more about our Ecommerce and digital marketing services geared towards China.

Contact us to get started.  

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WeChat Ads: How ST Signature Tapped Customers in China

How WeChat Ads Boosted ST Signature’s Travel Bubble Campaign? | Digital 38

Singapore hospitality chain ST Signature ramped up their marketing efforts by selecting WeChat Ads as one of their solutions in reaching out to customers based in China.  

WeChat for ST Signature’s Campaign

ST Signature, the brand behind one of Singapore’s most popular chains of co-living hotels and hostels, launched their ‘Ready to Travel to Singapore’ campaign in November 2020 as the Singaporean government allowed travelers from Mainland China to enter the city-state without any conditions.  

They leveraged WeChat Ads to target Chinese tourists from at least 11 cities in China that offer direct flights to Singapore, and who were eager to visit the country after months of lockdown.  

In addition, these marketing tactics were deployed to grow the brand’s following base and boost customer loyalty by announcing their latest promos.

Why WeChat for China?  

With a population of over 1.4 billion as of 2020, China is definitely a huge market to conquer, and may sound daunting. But identifying which channels to help you connect effectively with local markets could turn this threat into an opportunity. 

And one of them is WeChat. 

Want to know more how brands successfully leveraged WeChat for their digital marketing plans? Read our previous case studies enumerated below. 

In 2021, WeChat’s active user base reached 1.25 billion, making it not only one of China’s biggest social media platforms but also in a global scale. It is also popular among Chinese users based overseas.  

Why Digital 38?  

Here in Digital 38, we are an Official Sales Partner of Tencent, WeChat’s developer. Aside from opening and verifying your WeChat Official Account (OA), our team of specialists can also help you manage and optimise your ads on WeChat.  

Ecommerce Agency Digital 38 Now Official Sales Partner of WeChat Ads

And embarking on digital marketing campaigns through WeChat Ads is only the start for your brand’s roadmap to China.  

We also offer other digital marketing services using other equally popular social networking sites in China including Douyin and TouTiao (Bytedance), and Weibo.  

Interested to know more? Contact us today.

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Singapore’s EAIM Chooses WeChat in Reaching Out to China

EAIM Targets China with WeChat Marketing | Digital 38

One of Singapore’s leading institutions for higher education, the East Asia Institute of Management (EAIM), is reaching out to markets and audiences in China through digital marketing.  

Screenshot of EAIM’s WeChat Ad

EAIM, a Private Education Institution, launched ads on WeChat as part of its marketing efforts to target potential students from Mainland China where the social media platform reigns.  

Capture Markets in China with WeChat  

More and more brands are recognising the countless opportunities teeming in China.

Despite no access to popular global online platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, homegrown ones like WeChat provide businesses the much-needed channel to reach out to the country’s over 1.4 billion tech-savvy population, and stressing the value digital marketing can give to your brand’s overall growth.

Curious to know more about brands leveraging WeChat? Check out our case studies below.

Let Digital 38’s Team Help You with WeChat Marketing

There’s more to WeChat than being one of China’s widely used social networking sites.

Aside from having a monthly active user base of 1.25 billion, WeChat is being positioned to become a ‘superapp’ following the launching of its own payment system WePay, ultimately enabling businesses to connect directly with potential buyers.

If the prospect of expanding in China sounds exciting for you, then you’re in the right place.  

As an Official Sales Partner for Tencent, WeChat’s developer, Digital 38’s team of specialists can provide you the right marketing services tailored fit for your goals.  

Contact us today.  

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BricsCAD Amplifies Presence in China through Digital Marketing

BricsCad Strengthens Presence in China through digital marketing | Digital 38

Engineering design software provider Bricsys is amplifying its presence in China as it launched another round of digital marketing campaign for its computer-aided design (CAD) brand BricsCAD. 

Bricsys leveraged some of China’s widely used and popular social media platforms like Douyin and TouTiao to gain more exposure among designers, engineers – both professionals and aspiring ones – in the country.  

Screenshot of BricsCAD’s in-feed ad on Douyin 

They tapped Douyin, TikTok’s twin sister in China, to publish in-feed ads to reach out the younger demographics. At the same time, they also deployed pay-per-click strategy and in-feed advertising on TouTiao. 

Screenshot of BricsCAD’s ads on TouTiao  

TouTiao is a news and information content platform only available in China. Both Douyin and TouTiao are products of Beijing-based tech giant ByteDance.  

China’s Social Media: Close to 1 Billion Users 

Thanks to rapid advancements in technology, and a digitally literate population, China has attracted thousands of businesses around the world to introduce their brands to an audience of no less than 1.4 billion.  

Despite having no access to other globally popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, leading local apps like Douyin and TouTiao provided businesses channels to reach out to China’s close to 1 billion users, making it the world’s largest social media market according to Statista. 

Interested to know more about investing in China digital marketing? Check out these studies we have

Plan Your China Digital Marketing Goals with Digital 38  

Crafting and executing a successful digital marketing campaign in China could be a challenging goal for your brand’s growth. This is where we come in. 

With our vast experience in running and optimising digital marketing campaigns, Digital 38 has supported over 100 businesses and organisations in establishing strong brand presence in China.  

Schedule an appointment with us today.  

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ICONSIAM Banks on WeChat Ads to Promote Cross Border Ecommerce


Bangkok-based mall ICONSIAM is revving up its efforts to promote Thailand’s culture and heritage to markets overseas by combining the powers of cross border Ecommerce and WeChat ads. 

ICONSIAM Mall launched a series of Moments Ads on WeChat showcasing the finest and luxurious contemporary crafts, ranging from Thai silk, handwoven home decors to homegrown coffee, made by some of the country’s renowned artists.  

To target affluent consumers in mainland China, ICONSIAM selected WeChat and published ads on the platform’s Moments segment, ultimately allowing them to build awareness and generate impressions towards their latest offerings.  

Screenshots of ICONSIAM’s WeChat Moments Ads content

What are WeChat Moments Ads?

These are ads displayed on WeChat’s Moment feed. Moments Ads was first introduced in 2015 for brands looking to boost their online presence as well as engagement. 

Actual ICONSIAM WeChat Moments Ad on WeChat’s Moment feed

They work similarly with ads found on your Facebook feed, and it can come in various forms – be it photos, videos, links or articles. In addition, WeChat Moments Ads allow brands to target specific audiences, enabling you to run more efficient and effective ads.

Learn more on how to leverage WeChat for your business by clicking our previous articles below.

Or you may also give us a call to know how we can offer customised digital marketing plans for your Ecommerce venture.  

Grow your Brand with China’s ‘SuperApp’ 

WeChat remains one of the largest social networking platforms not only in Great China but also for Chinese users all over the world.  

With its over 1.25 billion monthly active userbase worldwide, you can tap tons of opportunities to support your brand’s growth. All you have to do is simply open your official and verified WeChat account today.  

But if you need helping hands to get started on WeChat ads and marketing, don’t worry. We got your back. 

As an official sales partner of Tencent, WeChat’s developer, our services include creating and verifying your WeChat account. You can also trust our team of specialists to run and optimise WeChat ads for you. 

Contact us now to know more.  

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Singto stars in IGNITE’s 1st Weibo campaign to widen reach

Weibo Marketing: IGNITE collabs with Singto for 1st Weibo campaign as it expands presence | Digital 38

Thai lifestyle brand IGNITE is jumpstarting its expansion goals as it launched its first ever Weibo ads campaign. 

IGNITE collaborated with Thai superstar Singto under the label IGNITExSINGTO for its latest products which were also designed for the celebrity’s fans based in China and Japan.  

Screenshot of IGNITE’s Weibo account  

And in order to reach out to consumers in Mainland China, the brand leveraged Weibo for its digital marketing plans. It recently activated its official Weibo account and published ads featuring their IGNITExSINGTO items.  

Screenshots of IGNITE’s Ads on Weibo

Screenshots of IGNITE’s Ads on Weibo 

In turn, IGNITE was able to connect to Singto fans from Mainland China and Chinese users based overseas, grow its follower base, boost awareness and tap markets outside Thailand – all of which are essential for the brand’s growth.  


IGNITE is the consumer and lifestyle arm of PKN Interholding Co., Ltd in Thailand. It is also a licensee of other globally famous franchises from the U.S. and Japan including Despicable Me, One Piece, Gundam, MARVEL, and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.  

Choose Digital 38 for your China Digital Marketing Plans  

Penetrating China’s massive market base is definitely not an easy task. But knowing which channels and social networking sites such as Weibo to use in order to meet your audience is one way of doing it right. 

Weibo, also referred to as Sina Weibo, is the country’s equivalent to Twitter and boasts of having around 566 million monthly active users as of the 2nd quarter of 2022, making it an ideal social media platform for brands looking to establish a strong presence in China.   

Want to know more about Weibo’s potential for your business? Read our previous case studies below.  

Contact Digital 38 now to get started with your China Digital Marketing plans.  

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NESEducation Steps Up Online Presence with Verified WeChat Account

NESEducation Launches WeChat Account to Tap Chinese Audience | Digital 38

Professional language school NES Educational Group is now on WeChat after recently launching its official and verified account, allowing them to boost their online presence among Chinese consumers.  

The Thailand-based company leveraged WeChat to reach out to billions of potential learners from China, and other users from different parts of the world who may be interested in learning foreign languages.  

Screenshots of NESEducation’s verified WeChat Official Account 

NES Education currently offers courses in English, Thai, Japanese, Spanish, French. They also facilitate arrangements for students in Southeast Asia who want to study abroad.  

Official QR Code of NESEducation on WeChat 

The Power of WeChat 

Tencent’s WeChat is one of the widely used applications in China, and Chinese consumers overseas. During the second quarter of 2021, its monthly active userbase has already reached 1.25 billion worldwide, majority of whom are from Great China, according to Statista. 

WeChat is not only a social networking site that offers instant messaging and calls. Dubbed as the ‘Chinese super app’, it also enables businesses to directly connect with consumers through its feature WePay. 

If you want to know more about WeChat’s potential for your brand, you can click our previous articles below.  

You can also give us a call to learn more on how to set up your WeChat Official Account and have it verified right away.

Reach Out to Billions of Tech-Savvy Users in China 

If the prospect of tapping billions of tech-savvy users in China sounds attractive for your brand’s growth, then you’re in the right place. And opening up your official and verified WeChat account is just the start. 

Here in Digital 38, we can also provide you other digital marketing services designed to reach out to China’s markets. We are the Official Sales Partner of Tencent, Weibo, and Bytedance (for TikTok and Douyin).  

Contact our specialists today.

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These Douyin Influencers Can Help Your Brand Grow in China

These Douyin Influencers Can Help Your Brand Grow in China | Digital 38

Video editing and sharing app Douyin, like its global counterpart TikTok, took social media by storm. And in its home country in China, its wide popularity has no signs of slowing down soon.

Douyin + Influencer Marketing

With over 400 million daily active users, and tons of features, Douyin is definitely a platform both local and international brands should use as part of their digital marketing arsenal.

But aside from simply launching video ads, you can actually leverage Douyin and its potential even further by tapping Chinese influencers.

Most, if not all, content creators in China rose to fame through Douyin. And their large follower base could definitely give your brand that much-needed boost in spreading awareness among local audiences.

In this article, we’ve rounded 7 Chinese influencers that would help your campaign swing even further.

Papi酱 (Papi)

China Digital Marketing: Leveraging Douyin to Influence Buyers

I am Iron Head A Biao

Daxiao V

Duoyu and Sister Mao Mao

Designer A Shuang

Hello Hu Xinyu

Li Ziqi

China Digital Marketing: Leveraging Douyin to Influence Buyers

Curious to know more about how other brands leveraged Douyin’s potential? Check out our previous case studies by clicking the links below.

If you want to know more about our digital marketing services geared towards China, you may visit this page.

Step Up Your Digital Marketing Game with Digital 38

Executing a comprehensive and thoroughly-planned digital marketing campaign targeting China is a huge task.  And this is why specialists from Digital 38 are here to help you.

Digital 38 is an Official Sales Partner of ByteDance, the developer of Douyin and TikTok. With our local teams in China, we are ready to support your journey in introducing your brand to billions of tech-savvy users.

Schedule an appointment with our specialists today.

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Douyin Influencers Drove Traffic to Malee Ecommerce Store

Douyin Influencers Drove Traffic to Malee E-Commerce Store | Digital 38

Douyin influencers are certainly a great opportunity to attract your target audience in China.

Aside from having huge following across Chinese apps, influencers sure do know how to effectively engage fellow Chinese users. Thus, your brand gets seen and recalled more easily as the content is well adapted for the Chinese audience.

For instance, Thai brand Malee Coco collaborated with Douyin influencers in May to promote its latest e-commerce campaign. Its goal was to drive traffic to its JD e-commerce store and increase awareness as well.

Among several popular Douyin influencers, 好奇少女心, 多多零食君, and 剁手小仙女 were the selected brand ambassadors to endorse Malee Coco in China.

Get to know the three Douyin influencers below and watch the Malee Coco promotional videos through the links below.

好奇少女心 – 9.34M followers

好奇少女心 is a famed Douyin influencer known for sharing cute stuff on her profile. She often posts short videos of cosmetics, accessories, sweet treats, and drinks among others.

In case you missed it, check out her Malee Coco short video here.

多多零食君 – 21.67M followers

多多零食君 is a Douyin and Kuaishou influencer popular for its mouth-watering features. From delectable strawberry cakes and chocolate bites, he sure knows how to capture everyone’s attention.

Likewise, he posted the video on his Kuaishou profile 多多零食哥(破20万粉), which received 37.8k views and 1.4k engagement.

剁手小仙女 – 13.26M followers

Similar to the first influencer, 剁手小仙女 is another well-liked Douyin personality who shares adorable things on her profile. This includes stationeries, rainbow-coloured sweets, and even toys for little girls.

Moreover, Malee Coco posted her video on its Weibo page. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the full video here.

China E-Commerce Marketing with Douyin Influencers

Douyin influencer marketing truly helped the Thai beverage brand raise awareness for its coconut water product in China. It also supported Malee Coco’s e-commerce goal of boosting online store visits. By driving traffic to the e-commerce store, the brand was able to increase its chances of converting visits to actual sales.

Furthermore, the Douyin influencers were able to adapt Malee Coco’s intended message for the Chinese consumers, making the product more compelling to the audience.

Expand Your Brand Presence with Douyin and Digital 38

With its huge, tech-savvy consumer base, China serves as an opportunity for brands who are looking to widen their reach and expand their presence in the internet.

And selecting the right agency to partner with this venture is a great head start.

Digital 38 is the Official Sales Partner for ByteDance. As such, we not only offer services to leverage Douyin for digital marketing needs but also other social networking sites under ByteDance  – TouTiao, XiGua, HuoShan, and NewsRepublic.

Schedule an appointment with us, and learn how you can explore China’s markets.

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