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ThaiLuxe Curated Enters Chinese Social Media as it Gets Weibo’s Blue Badge

Weibo Verification Thailand: ThaiLuxe Curated Enters Chinese Social Media | Digital 38

Learn how Thai luxury authority ThaiLuxe Curated navigated its way in the world of Chinese is navigating its way in the world of Chinese social media after acquiring its Weibo verification, and connecting with more audiences in Thailand.  

ThaiLuxe Curated Gets Weibo Verification 

ThaiLuxe Curated, the luxury lifestyle arm of Thai creatives agency AminBaba, wants to connect with Chinese audiences based in Thailand. And what better option to establish points of contact than social media channels like Weibo. 

With the help of digital marketing specialists, ThaiLuxe Curated was not only able to launch its official Weibo account. But also acquired the coveted Blue Badge verification.  

But why Weibo? 

To start, Weibo is one of China’s most popular social media platforms. It’s up there together with the super app ‘WeChat’ and Toutiao. In addition, Weibo is a great spot for trendspotting, ideal for brands, content creators, and producers. Especially those like ThaiLuxe Curated that aims to be the authority when it comes to luxury-related trends in Thailand.  

Additionally, having a verified badge allows brands such as ThaiLuxe Curated to do more with Weibo. Some of the perks that come with a Blue Badge on Weibo included having a larger following base, and the ability to run Weibo ads.  

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