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Chinhuay partners with Korea’s top micro-influencers as it expands reach

Chinhuay Partners with Korea’s Top Micro-Influencers | Digital 38

Learn how you can connect with consumers in Korea by partnering with top influencers.  

Chinhuay Bangkok’s Collab with Korean Influencers 

Bangkok-based food manufacturer Chinhuay is looking to set foot in Korea. And it wants to connect with markets based in South Korea.  

In order to boost their brand awareness among Korean consumers, they decided to partner with top micro-influencers in introducing some of their best-selling products. 

Chinhuay’s Bangkok-Tasty became the talk of the town in Korea’s social media scene. Bangkok-Tasty was featured on Naver Blog Posts in several popular Korean micro-influencers such as @bio_0hio. 

Why Influencers Remain Relevant in Korea? 

Korea is considered by many as a ‘hyperconnected’ market. While their market size is relatively smaller than their neighbors like China and Japan, Koreans spend a great deal of their time online. From communicating with loved ones to trendspotting, Korean consumers rely heavily on the internet for their daily routine. 

So, it comes as no surprise why influencers, or key opinion leaders, became an essential part in the landscape of Korean digital marketing and social media marketing. 

According to research conducted by Rakuten Insight, they found out that around 40.8% of South Koreans surveyed purchased an item or a product endorsed by an influencer. And that’s something brands cannot ignore, especially those who want to engage and connect with Korean consumers.  

Collab with Korean Influencers 

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