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Mercer Broadens Online Presence in PH, TH

Media Buy: Mercer Broadens Online Presence in PH, TH | Digital 38

International asset management firm Mercer is expanding its footprint in Southeast Asia as it embarks in media buy and social media campaigns for target markets in Thailand, and the Philippines. 

Mercer Beefs Up Online Presence in Thailand, Philippines 

Mercer deployed digital advertising and social media marketing strategies as part of their goals to expand their presence in Southeast Asia, both in physical and online channels.  

To reach businesses, financial institutions, and other potential clients from Thailand and the Philippines, the company rolled out paid ad tactics like Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in boosting their brand awareness on the internet. 

They also decided to leverage media buy strategies to spread word not only about Mercer as a brand. But also, to promote their recently launched official Facebook accounts for Mercer Thailand, and Mercer Philippines.  

Why Digital Marketing is Vital for a Brand’s Expansion?  

When it comes to expanding and touching down in markets abroad, having an efficient marketing plan is a must – from out-of-home (OOH) placements to digital channels like social networking sites and search engines. In today’s age where more and more people rely on the internet, it is imperative for your brand to establish a strong online presence. What Mercer demonstrated is just the start.  

ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) markets like Thailand and Philippines are hard to ignore when it comes to digital marketing. Thanks to their growing population of internet users, and active social media users.  

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