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LG Partners with Top Vietnamese Influencer MitGramm for InstaView’s Launching in Vietnam

LG Collabs with Top Vietnamese Influencer for InstaView’s Launching in Vietnam | Digital 38

Learn how tapping Vietnamese influencers like MitGramm can help your brand grow in the long-run with this mini-case study featuring LG Electronics in Vietnam.  

LG Partners with Vietnamese Influencer MitGramm 

Korean conglomerate LG Electronics has launched a new product, the InstaView fridge. To successfully roll out their latest home innovation, they are eyeing to tap markets in Vietnam. In particular, mothers and homemakers with an affinity to modern appliances and the concept of having a ‘smart kitchen.’ 

Doing so, LG Electronics did a collaboration with Vietnamese influencer MitGramm. Mitgramm is known in Vietnam as a top influencer when it comes to fashion and motherhood.

The appliance brand was able to leverage MitGramm’s huge network and following on Instagram (200,000+ followers) to spread word about InstaView.  

MitGramm’s Instagram post about LG InstaView fridge garnered close to 10,000 likes, and hundreds of interactions, ultimately making LG – both as a brand and its InstaView product – the talk of the town among Vietnamese audiences.  

Why Influencer Marketing is Beneficial for Your Brand’s Growth? 

With their abilities to connect with their audiences, and gain their trust quickly, influencers have played a significant role in almost any brand’s growth. Think of influencer marketing as an elevated means of word-of-mouth advertising. Influencers, also known as key opinion leaders (KOLs), have also proven to be effective ambassadors in building brand loyalty, and expanding brand awareness. 

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