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Korean influencer Kakak Korea Tries Miga Chu Luv Halal-Certified, Instant Toppoki

Korean influencer Kakak Korea Tries Miga Chu Luv’s Halal-Certified, Instant Ttoppoki | Digital 38

Korean influencer Kakak Korea is the latest to try out Unione’s latest product, Miga Chu Luv, and her Malaysian fans and supporters are in for a treat.  

Unione recently collaborated with the Malaysia-based Korean influencer in introducing Miga Chu Luv to markets there. Miga Chu Luv is their brand of halal-certified, instant tteokbokki. Or also known as toppoki.  

Kakak Korea made a simple yet sweet video-review about Miga Chu Luv. They were published on YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok – some of Malaysia’s top social media platforms.  


Kakak Korea’s Miga Chu Luv review generated a combined total of more than 8,000 views from the three social networking sites, and more than 1,000 interactions. And all in all, Unione was able to achieve its goal of amplifying Miga Chu Luv’s presence among markets in Malaysia.  

About Kakak Korea

Kakak Korea is a Korean influencer based in Malaysia. Since 2020, she has gained popularity among Malaysian audiences for her Korean lifestyle content. From well-known dishes such as toppoki to fitness, Malaysian look up to Kakak Korea in finding the latest Korean trends and ultimately, learn more about Korean culture.  

@kakakkorea Find Halal Miga Chu Luv Topokki in Mr. DIY! It’s super easy to make yet so yummy! #mrdiy #chuluv #toppoki ♬ 오리지널 사운드 – Kakakkorea

She has amassed over 86,000 subscribers on YouTube, more than 116,000 followers on Facebook, and a growing following base of 11,000 on TikTok.  

Click here to learn more about Kakak Korea on Facebook.  

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