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BangkokTasty Hypes Up Entry in South Korea with Korean Influencers Collab

BangkokTasty Hypes Up Entry in South Korea with Korean Influencers Collab | Digital 38

If you want to know more about how Korean influencers can help your brand enter a new market, check this mini case study featuring BangkokTasty.  

Popular Thai snacks brand BangkokTasty wants to enter the lucrative market of South Korea. They may have established a strong presence among Korean markets based in Thailand. But introducing and selling their products to those based overseas can be quite a challenge. 

With the help of a digital marketing agency, however, BangkokTasty successfully marketed its famous product, sweet, dried mangoes, to their target markets in South Korea. They teamed up with several Korean influencers in introducing BangkokTasty to foodies and enthusiasts of Thai culture based in South Korea.  

The brand collaborated with Korean micro-influencers such as @bio_0hio to spread the word about BangkokTasty’s entry in South Korea. @bio_0hio posted an entry on her Naver Blog, encouraging her followers to try out their delicious products.  

On top of it, other Korean micro-influencers also posted their glowing reviews, urging their followers to also give BangkokTasty a try.  

As a result, the brand did not only enjoy an increase in brand awareness. But also, their entry in South Korea was warmly welcomed by audiences there.  

About BangkokTasty 

BangkokTasty is a brand under Chinhuay, one of Thailand’s pioneers in food packaging and manufacturing. Established in 1925, their products include canned fish, fruit, and vegetarian foods. Learn more about Chinhuay by visiting their website.  

Partner with a Korean Influencer Today 

Korean influencers continue to play a significant role among consumers in South Korea. And even those abroad. Especially in markets like Thailand where Korean culture is thriving, it is hard to ignore for brands the opportunity they can grab when partnering with a Korean influencer.  

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