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Case Study: How WeChat, Weibo Can Help You Attract Chinese Travelers to Visit Singapore?


Travel has finally returned, and if you want to learn more about how to attract Chinese travelers from around the world, check out this case study on how leveraging WeChat and Weibo can help you convince them to visit Singapore.  

WeChat and Weibo in Singapore  

Singapore takes pride as one of the most diverse countries in the Southeast Asian (SEA) region. And it has one of the largest concentrations of Chinese-speaking people outside Greater China. The Lion City also happens to be a top destination for Chinese tourists from different parts of the world. Because of these, it’s not a surprise why famous Chinese social media platforms like WeChat and Weibo enjoy a substantial popularity in Singapore.  

WeChat in Singapore  

According to figures from Data Reportal, there are approximately 5.30 million social media users in Singapore as of January 2022. Of this number, around 30.3% spend use WeChat at least once a month. Data Reportal ranked WeChat as the 9th most used social networking platform in Singapore, next to microblog Twitter.  

Weibo is also seeing a growing number of active users in the city-state. Sina Weibo formally entered into Singapore’s social media ecosystem in 2013. A few months after their launching, they managed to capture 1.5 million users. 

How WeChat, Weibo Help You Connect with Chinese Audiences?  

WeChat and Weibo’s impressive performance in Singapore can be motivating for brands and businesses looking to tap into Chinese-speaking audiences. And here comes the most crucial part of our case study – how do they exactly help you connect with Chinese audiences?  

Their Popularity Among Chinese Audiences

WeChat and Weibo are considered powerful names when it comes to Chinese social media. Globally, WeChat has accumulated over 1 billion users while Weibo is halfway to the 1 billion-mark. As of June 2022, Sina Weibo reported having a monthly active users of around 520 million.  

Their Unique Functions

WeChat is dubbed as a ‘super app.’ Its services go beyond the usual content sharing, communication and instant calls. WeChat can facilitate payment, thanks to its own payment system called WePay. With WePay, brands have been allowed to put up their own shop, and potentially increase revenues. From airlines to hotels, they have used WeChat in rolling out more channels for consumers to reach out and avail of their products and services.  

Weibo, on the other hand, is the platform brands should watch out for when it comes to trendspotting and trend hunting. You want to know what your target markets from China are talking about? Check Weibo. If you’re planning to promote your newest product to Chinese consumers, Weibo can be your key. More so, when you’re planning to partner with a Chinese influencer, Weibo can come in really handy.  

Know more about the fascinating ways WeChat and Weibo can support your brand’s growth. Just read the articles below.  

Their Marketing Tools and Features

And last but not the least, WeChat and Weibo can support marketing functions. For example, WeChat provides businesses multiple advertising options – be it on the feed of targeted users or a banner in an official account. Weibo also have the same features. In order to access these tools, however, you need to have a verified WeChat or Weibo account. If you want to know more how to get the verified badge on WeChat and Weibo, let us know.  

Case: ST Signature Launches WeChat Account, Weibo Ads  

Singaporean boutique hotel and co-living space chain ST Signature was among the many brands in Singapore that benefitted from the opportunities abound on WeChat and Weibo. 

When the Singaporean government decided to implement a travel bubble with Hong Kong, they took the chance to open up an official and verified WeChat account. Doing so enabled ST Signature to publish ads, letting Chinese speaking audiences from Hong Kong know about their latest promos. 

But ST Signature’s journey in Chinese social media did not stop there. When all border controls have been lifted in Singapore, and the country is set to welcome all tourists once again, they pumped up the excitement and buzz with the help of Weibo influencers.  

They partnered with some of the top travel and lifestyle key opinion leaders (KOLs) on Weibo to spread the word about why Singapore would be a great fit for their #travelgoals, and why they should stay in any ST Signature properties. In turn, ST Signature and Singapore became the talk of the town in travel and lifestyle Weibo.  

Get Started on WeChat, Weibo Now  

Indeed, WeChat and Weibo have lots to offer for brands looking to expand their presence online.  

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