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Singapore Airlines Makes Flying Easier with WeChat Mini Program

Singapore Airlines Makes Flying Easier with WeChat Mini Program | Digital 38

Singapore’s flag carrier Singapore Airlines has made flying easier for Chinese travellers as it rolls out a one-stop shop through WeChat Mini Program. 

WeChat users can now directly book their flights, stay on top of the latest offerings and promotions, and learn about their flight status in one app.

And to amplify its presence among Chinese markets, Singapore Airlines also leveraged its WeChat Mini Program to build stronger connections with existing and future travelers.

Users on WeChat will no longer have to exit the app when participating in the airlines’ contests, and tuning in to their recent events. 

The World of WeChat Mini Program 

Mini Programs are WeChat’s solutions for businesses that want to bring their services closer to consumers without breaking the bank.

WeChat Mini Programs are sub-applications embedded within the WeChat ecosystem.  And they can come in any form.

Like in the case of Singapore Airlines, a WeChat Mini Program can function as an alternative booking portal and a live-streaming platform simultaneously. 

If you’re interested to know how to develop a WeChat Mini Program for your brand, just give our WeChat specialists a call.

WeChat: A Vital Marketing Tool in Singapore  

Digital 38, a WeChat Agency in Singapore

It’s a common misconception to think WeChat only reigns in Greater China.  

But the truth to the matter is, the app is also popular in countries outside China. In particular, in communities where Chinese markets make up a large portion of their population – like Singapore.

There are over 500 million active users on WeChat in the city-state alone.  

You can also learn more about WeChat’s potential for your brand by reading our case studies below. 

And more than that, WeChat, dubbed as the ‘Chinese super app’, can ultimately help your brand expand. People not only communicate on WeChat. But thanks to its wide-reaching ecosystem, users also shop on the app. 

All of these can be translated as opportunities for you to reach out to more customers, drive traffic and sales to your online business, and boost your brand presence in the digital sphere.

And the first step towards that direction is developing your own Mini Program.  

Say Hi to the World of WeChat with Digital 38 

But if you’re unsure on where to start on WeChat, don’t worry. We’re here to help you. 

Digital 38, an Official Sales Partner of Tencent, WeChat’s developer, has supported over 100 brands and institutions connect with consumers, and expand their presence within the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). 

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