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Get to Know WeChat Mini Program & How It Can Help Your Brand Grow

Get to WeChat Mini Program & How It Can Help Your Brand Grow | Digital 38

One of the primary reasons that contributed to WeChat earning the title as ‘China’s Super-App’ is its Mini Program. In this article, we will introduce to you the world of WeChat’s Ecosystem, and why it’s important for your business to grow. 

Say Hello to WeChat Mini Program


WeChat Mini Program is WeChat’s answers for businesses that want to integrate other aspects of their operations on the platform. Simply put, it’s a ‘sub-application’ developed and built within WeChat. It may come in various forms and functions.  

A Mini Program could be a product catalog to accompany your WeChat official account, a task manager, a gallery, a news and information aggregator, a quick-response (QR) codes generator, to name some.  

Mini Programs are actually not new. When it was first rolled out in WeChat’s ecosystem, brands hardly include these sub-applications as part of their overall digital marketing strategy. Mainly because developing one takes time. And WeChat has also imposed several standards in creating one. 

But times have changed. Especially with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of WeChat Mini Programs is rising. And below are some of the benefits you can gain from them.  

Benefits of Having WeChat Mini Program  

1.) Access WeChat’s Ecosystem 

Having a WeChat Mini Program could be your key in accessing the rest of the platform. It can be seamlessly integrated with other WeChat features such as your official WeChat account, WePay, Member Cards, Coupons, etc.  

2.) Cost-Effective 

WeChat’s sub-applications are ideal for businesses that do not want to spend a lot of moolah in developing a stand-alone app so consumers can access their services. Especially to brands that want to capture Chinese markets around the world. 

Furthermore, since it can be integrated into the entire WeChat ecosystem easily, Mini Programs load and run relatively faster compared to your average mobile apps. 

3.) Providing an Enriching Customer’s Journey  

But all in all, WeChat Mini Programs serve as an opportunity for brands to provide their customers or audiences an enriching journey – be it for brand discovery or purchasing products. In today’s age where consumers are relying more and more on the internet for their needs and wants, businesses should be meeting them in where they frequent.  

However, brands should also note that it is not only about utilising these channels. In order to effectively capture your market, and ensure they return to your shop, you must be able to enhance your marketing communications tactics. 

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Launch Your WeChat Mini Program with Digital 38  

Getting started on WeChat Mini Program sounds complicated and time-consuming, because it does. But you can leave the job to our WeChat specialists. 

Digital 38 is the Official Sales Partner of Tencent, WeChat’s developer. We have a dedicated team of WeChat specialists who are equipped with the right skills in creating a WeChat Mini Program tailored fit for your brand’s goals. 

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