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ICONSIAM Banks on WeChat Ads to Promote Cross Border Ecommerce


Bangkok-based mall ICONSIAM is revving up its efforts to promote Thailand’s culture and heritage to markets overseas by combining the powers of cross border Ecommerce and WeChat ads. 

ICONSIAM Mall launched a series of Moments Ads on WeChat showcasing the finest and luxurious contemporary crafts, ranging from Thai silk, handwoven home decors to homegrown coffee, made by some of the country’s renowned artists.  

To target affluent consumers in mainland China, ICONSIAM selected WeChat and published ads on the platform’s Moments segment, ultimately allowing them to build awareness and generate impressions towards their latest offerings.  

Screenshots of ICONSIAM’s WeChat Moments Ads content

What are WeChat Moments Ads?

These are ads displayed on WeChat’s Moment feed. Moments Ads was first introduced in 2015 for brands looking to boost their online presence as well as engagement. 

Actual ICONSIAM WeChat Moments Ad on WeChat’s Moment feed

They work similarly with ads found on your Facebook feed, and it can come in various forms – be it photos, videos, links or articles. In addition, WeChat Moments Ads allow brands to target specific audiences, enabling you to run more efficient and effective ads.

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