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WeChat: Bridging Brand and Chinese Audiences in Singapore

WeChat: Bridging Brand and Chinese Audiences in Singapore | Digital 38

Find out why successful brands build their presence on WeChat when connecting with Chinese audiences in Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore. 

WeChat in Singapore  

Singapore prides itself not only as a global city but as a country that values diversity. So, it’s no surprise as to why Chinese nationals choose to settle down in the city-state. Chinese-speaking individuals make up 74% of Singapore’s entire population, the 2020 census from the Singaporean government showed

In terms of social media usage, giant names such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn still dominated in Singapore. But did you know WeChat is also a popular app in the city-state?  

According to Data Reportal, in 2022, around 30.4% of internet users from Singapore, age 16 to 54 years old, uses WeChat monthly. Remarkably, it is the only Chinese social media that enjoys high visibility in Singapore.  

To illustrate WeChat’s potential for brands that want to expand in Singapore, let’s take a look at several businesses and institutions that decided to open their official and verified WeChat accounts.  

ST Signature Invites Chinese Tourists to Visit the Lion City  

Singaporean boutique co-living and hotel chain ST Signature launched their official WeChat account in 2020 as part of their post-pandemic plans to invite Chinese tourists to visit the city-state. They used WeChat not only to publish and ran Chinese ads but to also connect with potential tourists from Mainland China. In particular, key Chinese cities and provinces where airlines offer direct flights to Singapore.  

With an official and verified WeChat account, ST Signature was able to increase its online presence among Chinese markets.  

EAIM Goes Live on WeChat 

Top educational institution, East Asia Institute of Management (EAIM), also decided to open its official and verified WeChat account to connect with future students from China. EAIM, with the help of digital marketing agency, ran ads on WeChat to entice Chinese-speaking students to enroll in their undergraduate and graduate programs. 

Open Your Verified WeChat with Digital 38  

WeChat is more than just your social networking site. With a monthly active user base of 1.25 billion, it has positioned itself in becoming a ‘superapp’ that gives its users, and brands, multiple services in just one app! WeChat users can shop, book flight tickets and hotel accommodations, get the latest news, and stay updated on the trendiest spots without exiting the platform.  

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