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What are the Types of WeChat Ads?

Unlock Opportunities in China with WeChat Ads | Digital 38

Getting to know more about the types of WeChat ads can be your key in unlocking tons of opportunities for your brand’s expansion in China. Learn more about WeChat marketing, and how to get started with it. 


WeChat is undeniably a big name when it comes to social media in China. With over 1.27 billion monthly active users as of the last quarter of 2021, the app has essentially become a staple in Chinese internet. And its huge presence not only covers Mainland China’s 1.2 billion tech-savvy internet users. But also, the billions of Chinese based overseas.  

A product of Tencent, WeChat is now considered a super-app. Its rapid expansion and growth led developers to roll-out multiple functions, all of which are designed to promote convenience and accessibility. 

Aside from providing instant messaging and call services, billions of WeChat users rely on the app for their day-to-day activities. This included checking out news, paying bills, shopping, to name a few!  

Most importantly, WeChat provided businesses around the world the opportunity to tap and connect with China’s lucrative market – thanks to WeChat’s marketing functions.  

Marketing & Advertising on WeChat 

Brands can perform marketing campaigns on WeChat. And it always starts with the creation of your official and verified WeChat account. Once you have activated your brand’s verified WeChat account, you can flex your marketing plans and strategies with the help of in-app marketing tools, including running ads.  

Launching WeChat ads is a great way for brands to dive into WeChat’s ecosystem. Read on as we share with the two major types of WeChat ads.  

1. WeChat Moments Ads

WeChat Moments Ads are ads displayed on a WeChat user’s Moments feed. Think of it as the dynamic ads you find while scrolling through your Facebook Feed. And just like the ads on your Facebook account, Moment Ads have the tag ‘Sponsored’. Only this time it’s placed on the upper right corner of the ad.  

Moments Ads are ideal for brands that just started venturing into the world of WeChat, or those who are yet to establish a strong brand presence among Chinese markets. This is because this type of WeChat ads can help you increase brand awareness by enabling your promotional campaigns gain more visibility to millions of users accessing the app every minute.  

2. WeChat Official Account Ads

The other type of WeChat ads are actually the adverts you see on an official account. These ads are often called “WeChat Official Account Ads”.  

WeChat Official Account Ads are specialized to help you generate clicks and leads as they feature not only a banner photo and a call-to-action. But they also come with brand information, and the ability for you to publish articles to entice users into engaging with your content. With this ability, you have the potential to convert passing users to potential buyers and loyal customers.   

If you want to know more about how brands are leveraging these types of WeChat ads, check out the articles below. 

Explore the World of WeChat with Digital 38 

Greater China may not have Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram but savvy brands know that identifying and leveraging the right channels could be your gateway into tapping China’s markets. And WeChat is one of them. 

Let professionals from Digital 38 help you chart your WeChat journey towards the right direction. As an Official Sales Partner of Tencent, we have supported dozens of brands, locally and internationally, activate their presence on WeChat. 

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