Bioré Collabs with Content Publishers in Promoting Eco-Friendly Products

Bioré Collabs with Malaysia Content Publishers in Promoting Eco-Conscious Skincare Habit

Content Marketing for Ecommerce: Biore Promotes Eco-Conscious Skincare Habit

International skincare brand Biore has leveraged content marketing not only as part of its Ecommerce venture in Southeast Asian markets. But also, as part of its efforts in promoting an eco-conscious skincare habit among consumers. 

Biore has collaborated with some of Malaysia’s digital content authorities, Goody25 and Diva, in spreading the word about its latest product, the Perfect Cleansing Water (PCW). The campaign also highlighted the product’s eco-friendly qualities, particularly its refillable bottles.  

The content was published on the official websites of Goody25 and Diva, targeting Chinese-speaking and Bahasa-speaking Malaysians. And on their official social media handles on Facebook and Instagram.  

About Biore 

Biore is a facial skincare brand under Kao Corporation, one of the oldest and most prominent hygiene, beauty and cosmetics manufacturers in Japan. Biore has already established a significantly strong presence in markets outside of its origin country such as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.  

Why Content Marketing is Important for Ecommerce?  

There are dozens of ways to attract internet users to visit your virtual shops and official sites, and content marketing is one of the most effective strategies. In Ecommerce, content marketing can help businesses and brands identify their competitive advantage, and ultimately stand out from the rest of the competition.  

When done properly, content marketing enables you to showcase your brand personality, and even attract a niche of customers, particularly those who value brands that share their same ideals and advocacies. 

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